Sugar Detox Day 2

We are hanging in there.  Daddy Grok is itching for a soda or candy bar something fierce, but he’s staying strong.  Mama is rolling with it. . . she received some exciting news today (not sharing yet, thank you), so that’s distracting me from the detox.

Breakfast today-

Image 9

2 eggs over medium (cooked whites, runny yolks) with one slice of Quick Bread from Paleo Indulgences.  This is a simple bread that takes just a couple ingredients.  I cooked it in a large mug in the microwave.  Once it was firm, I dumped it onto a plate and allowed it to cool for a few minutes. Then, using a serrated knife, I sliced the bread into 3 rounds and toasted them.  It was quite good topped with melted butter and dipped in egg yolk. 🙂 (Oops, I slacked on veggies today.)

My kids are sick. . . so meals were weird today.  I did make a smoothie for the kids with almond milk, bananas, & frozen berries and a couple of the kids tried to eat a few scrambled eggs.

I cooked a total of 10 eggs, which my chickens happily provided me with today.  But, it I had to buy those, we’d say $3-4 for free range eggs.  The bread was super cheap, 3 servings included a few TBS of almond and coconut flour, a bit of butter, and an egg.

Lunch- kids nibbled on leftovers as their appetites dictated.  Mama and Daddy munched on some more of that delicious Aidell’s Sundried Tomato Salami with aged cheddar.  Mama ate a banana somewhere in there and also enjoyed a cup of coffee with cream (Daddy had tea with cream).

Dinner- Sorry, no picture. . . I wanted to, but in true Grok form, we gobbled it up!  Pork steaks & big salads with 1/2 cup soaked brown rice & butter.  Everyone wanted more rice, but Mama stuck to her guns.  Level 1 allows one serving of 1/2 cup for the day.  So, that’s what we did.  There may have been moments during the meal when both Daddy and Mama sucked the meat from it’s bones. . .

The pork steaks were a super deal- 2 large steaks for $2.00-$2.25 each pack.  I bought 3 packages for a total of less than $7.00.  We ate more than we needed tonight. . . but have no guilt (or tummy bloat).  The steaks were such a good deal because they were on club card sale and an extra 50% off because they were close to their sell by date.  Woohoo!  We almost never buy pork (except some good bacon or sausage), so buying a conventional pig product isn’t wearing on me too much.

Today dinner was about $10, breakfast would have been less than $10 even if we had to buy the eggs. . . lunch was mostly leftovers/fridge clean out so nearly free.

The kids did want to snack more today. . . probably because their bellies didn’t cooperate with a protein and fat breakfast so they had more sugar crashes.  The definitely ate more fruit today, so we spent probably another $5.00 on snacks and the breakfast smoothie.



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