Sugar Detox Day 3

Daddy Grok has spent all morning in bed. . . it’s 1:30 and I’ve barely seen him today.  I did force breakfast and lunch on him. . . otherwise, he’s sleeping.  Since his previous diet was S.A.D. (full of candy, chips, crackers, soda), he is having a hard time with this detox!  Hopefully, a few more days and he will be recovered.

Mama Grok is doing just fine.  A bit hungry right now, but I didn’t eat much protein with lunch (I did have lots of fat- butter, mmmm….).  I’m having to make some adjustments to my plan due to some recent health changes. . . so I had 1/2 cup of soaked brown rice with lunch today.  Since Daddy is on Level 1, he’s allowed up to 1/2 cup of specific starches each day, I was doing Level 3 which didn’t allow them.

Image 11 Image 10 Image 12 Image 13

Picture one is our lemon poppyseed muffins from Paleo Indulgences.  I made these 21 Day Sugar Detox friendly by replacing the maple syrup with a mashed up (green tipped) banana.  I also used chia seed instead of poppy seeds, because that’s what I had in the house.  They were a little on the dry side, so next time I’ll either reduce the coconut flour or add more liquid.  We made a double recipe to get 12 muffins, so it took 8 eggs.  I decided to eat scrambled eggs (the kids gobbled up the muffins) and I added a full carrot (consumed Bugs Bunny style) for good measure.  For lunch- I cooked 1 lb of TJ’s organic carrots ($.79) and 1/2 head of green cabbage ($1.20) in a couple TBS of Kerrygold butter.  Then we added some more salami, hard boiled eggs, and 1/2 cup of soaked brown rice w/ more Kerrygold butter.  The last photo is our girls. . . it’s cold out today and they look like they’d like to come inside.  Notice the lovely kid smears on the glass. . . yeah. . . comes with the territory.

I haven’t decided on dinner yet. . . which totally goes against my goal of being organized.  I did have a meal plan written for the first two weeks of January but we are deviating quite a bit from it.  Mostly due to the fact that I haven’t done a big shopping trip yet.  Note to self- check pantry before making menu. 🙂


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