Sugar Detox Day 4 & Cheap Eats!

Today we’ve completed day 4 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  We both weighed in this morning. . . Daddy Grok has lost SEVEN pounds.  That’s ridiculous!  Mama Grok has lost one pound.  Huh. . . Daddy Grok is feeling good. . . no headaches, grogginess, or lethargy.  Mama has felt good from the get go. . . so no changes there.

Yes. . . there are a few carbs in our diet.  We both had 1/2 cup of soaked brown rice for dinner tonight.  . . and the kids and I had a bit of home fried sweet potato with our lunch.

Breakfast today

Scrambled eggs (kind of a duh, right?) with 1/3rd of the Quick Bread Recipe from Paleo Indulgences (it’s a coffee cup microwave bread).  I didn’t enjoy the bread as much as I did the other day. . . I think because the first time I topped it with medium fried (runny yolk) eggs. . . I’m sure with some jam it would have been fabulous.  To round out breakfast, I (once again) ate a carrot Bugs style.  No picture today. . . I was hungry!  I also enjoyed a cup of coffee with heavy cream.  (Breakfast was cheap. . . but if you don’t have chickens, 12 eggs = $5 + $2.00 for quick bread + $.79 for lb organic carrots= $7.79 for 7.)

Image Image 1 Image 2Top left- LUNCH!  Oh my. . . Top right is part of lunch, it’s called BACON.  Bottom photo- POP QUIZ: How long will this fruit last in my house (10lbs organic apples, 5 lbs cuties, 10 bananas).  Hint- 6 bananas disappeared between arriving home from the store and taking this photo.  Answer: I’ll be happy if it gets us through the weekend.

So, back to lunch– we had bacon (remaining 1/2 package of Beelers uncured ends and pieces $3.50), half a head of cabbage cooked in bacon fat! ($1.20), and home fried sweet potatoes (3 large- $1.50).  Daddy Grok skipped the potatoes, Mama had a small portion.  There was enough cabbage and sweet potatoes left to add to breakfast or lunch tomorrow (the bacon didn’t survive).  Lunch for 8 (my sister was here) plus leftovers = $6.20

The kids did snack today.  On fruit and some cheese = $3.00

Dinner–  We cooked a 4lb bag of frozen chicken breasts (on sale at Safeway for $7.16 w/ club card). . . at the end, I seasoned it and added olive oil to brown.  It was yummy.  We also cooked 2 cups of brown rice (soaked) $1.00 w/ Kerrygold butter ($.50).  We had garden salad (as usual) and 2 lbs of organic broccoli, carrots, & cauliflower ($3.49 Grocery Outlet- frozen).  The salad was barely consumed, but the other veggies were gone.  We saved about half the chicken for tomorrow.  Dinner for  (kids are still under the weather so not eating quite like normal yet) 7 = $8.57 (I’m not adding in the salad since I think Daddy was the only person to eat any tonight).  The seasonings and olive oil add a bit more to the total cost.

Once again, we ended our evening with that delicious chunky monkey chocolate “ice cream”.  The kids made a chunky monkey smoothie.  This is where those six bananas went.  I’ve estimated that “ice cream” for parentals + smoothies for 5 kids cost us about $4.00 (isn’t that about the price of one Jamba Juice?).

After dinner (before those delicious treats), a couple of the kiddos and I went to Costco and stocked up on another container of Nutiva organic coconut oil ($22), 4 pkgs of Kerrygold butter (3- 8oz cubes each pkg, $6.99 each), and one 2 lb package of organic butter ($6.99).   Currently, on back up in the pantry I have 2 (half gallon, maybe a little larger, I can’t remember and am too lazy to run down and check) containers of Nutiva & 3 jars of Maranatha almond butter. . . in the freezer I have 4 pkgs of Kerrygold butter (24oz each) and 2lbs of organic butter.  I also have a mug on my counter with leftover fat from the bacon today! Mmmmmm. . . FAT!

I’m dying for my Eat Like a Dinosaur recipes. . . BUT. . . I know if I open the book, I’ll be sorely tempted by the sweets & treats. Right now, I’m staying strong!

Cost for THREE meals + TWO snacks for SEVEN people = $29.56!!!!!!!


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