Sugar Detox Day 5

Daddy Grok is down 9lbs.  Are you kidding me? That said, with our growing family. . . Mama Grok shouldn’t lose weight.

Moving on.  Breakfast today was scrambled eggs.  The kids added fruit.  I had to run out the door for labwork, so I skipped my veggies but grabbed a banana for a blood sugar boost so I wouldn’t pass out in the lab.

Lunch.  I’m a good Mama, so I made my kids some yummy (looking) mixed berry muffins from Paleo Indulgences (yes, I’m making a lot of things from this book. . . it’s new and I’m enjoying it).  The kids had a mixed platter of meat, cheese, olives, & pickles to go with the muffins.   Since we are on the detox, I made exactly 6 muffins for the 6 children here today.  This way, Daddy and I wouldn’t be tempted (although, cleaning up the plates, I was tempted to lick their plates of crumbs).


Image 1 Image 2

Around lunchtime, I made Daddy some meat roll ups.  These have a bit of organic cream cheese, pickle, & lettuce all wrapped up in some healthier deli meat (Mama is essentially on level 2 with minimal dairy + modifications as specified in the program).  We snacked on olives & a bit of cheese. Later afternoon, Mama decided it was time to eat. . . so I had this delicious salad.  Mixed greens + diced carrot + sunflower seeds (crunch!), + leftover chicken from last night, reheated and drizzled with balsamic and olive oil.  It was crunchy and delicious.  I heated the chicken and added the dressings to it, then topped the salad with that.  This way, my salad wasn’t drowning in vinegar and oil.  Everything melded together well.  (Side note- next time I’ll add more fat, maybe avocado or olives or cheese. . . I was hungry pretty quickly after finishing this.)

Image 3 Image 4

Dinner–  “cracker crust” pizza that we had for lunch the other day.   Both Daddy and Mama have the need for crunch today. . . it’s not a hungry thing, it’s a wants to munch thing.  I topped it with 1lb of organic ground beef (on sale today for $4.49), 1/3 pkg of Aidell’s Sundried tomato salami (I bought three more pkgs today! $6.99 ea so 1/3 = $2.33), and 8 ounces grated aged cheddar ($1.75).  We enjoyed roasted “taco” cauliflower on the side (1 head cauliflower = $1.20) and of course, organic mixed greens ($1.50).  I made two pizzas and we have nearly a full one leftover for lunch tomorrow.  I made 4x the cracker recipe for the crust, so it did take 2 cups of almond flour. . . the crust was about $5.00.   Pizza dinner for 7 = $16.27.

*For the cauliflower- hubs cut it up, placed in a baggie and mixed in olive oil and  taco seasonings. Then we placed it on a baking tray.  I kept the oven at 350 and I think it roasted for about 20 minutes.


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