Sugar Detox Day 6

Daddy Grok kindly refrained from stepping on the scale today. 🙂 He’s still fighting the urge to munch, but otherwise feeling pretty good.  Considering all the crap food he consumed before we started this, it’s shocking.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can share with you here- Mama Grok is expecting another little bean in late Summer.  It’s very early yet. . . but the whole clan is ecstatic at the prospect of a new sibling.  Daddy Grok is hoping it’s only one. . . our first ultrasound on January 22nd will let us know for sure.   We’ve undergone significant fertility treatments over the course of 24 months to bring this little one into our lives.  So far, all signs point to this being a healthy bean who plans to stay in for the long haul.  So, that’s the reasoning behind Mama modifying her 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I guess I’m essentially doing level 1 with Daddy currently, since some days I do have a 1/2 cup of soaked brown rice or a serving of sweet potato.  I’m also not willing to give up my dairy. . . although it’s really minimal- heavy cream in my coffee and some cheese here and there.

So, what did we eat today?

Breakfast– scrambled eggs AGAIN (one kid actually said that).   The kids added a piece of fruit.  Daddy added salami and a few slices of apple.  Mama added leftover cabbage from the other day.

Lunchleftover pizza + a big, crunchy salad (my current favorite!).

Snacks–  I made the kids a platter of salami, aged cheddar, carrot sticks, & apple slices.

Image 6

Dinner– Thin cut carne asada steak (2 family packs $12.00), mixed organic veggies (2lbs $3.49), 1 cucumber ($.49), 1 lb organic carrots ($.79), organic mixed salad greens ($1.50), 2 cups soaked brown rice ($2.00).  Dinner for 8 = $20.27, definitely a higher priced dinner but we had Nana eating with us and it was our special Sunday meal.  If we’d gone out to eat (like most Sundays) it would have cost $70+.  We have lots of steak left, I’m thinking diced steak in our eggs tomorrow.

Dessert– (on the detox, really????).  We made this Slightly Sweet & Salty Custard Ice Cream from Paleo Parents.

Image 5

This received mixed reviews.  Most of the kids enjoyed it with the addition of a drizzle of honey. . . One little Miss got her hands on the honey bottle and added a couple tablespoons (by our estimate).  Mama and Daddy thought it was okay, but really wanted that honey!  The salty, crunchy topping was definitely awesome.



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