Day 7 and Primal Pregnancy

We’ve successfully completed week one.  Two to go!

Today we had leftover steak chopped up and scrambled with eggs.  Mama went a little Grok and ate a banana followed by cold steak (instead of the eggs, they didn’t sound good).

For lunch we had leftovers, we had an accumulation of choices in the fridge.

Dinner- we grabbed Chipotle (Mondays are our busy night).  Pretty easy to get chicken/greens/cheese and skip the carbs.  Daddy accepted ice water (after groaning) to drink.

Dinner out cost $40.  The rest of the meals were left overs and therefore, the cost was tabulated in previous days costs.

Mama is experiencing mild OHSS with its side effects (bloating, water retention, ovary pain) which is common in pregnancy following infertility treatments.  It should subside in a few weeks, but that explains why I wasn’t loosing much weight (pound wise) in the first days of the detox.  (I know, stop obsessing about weight loss!)

Speaking on pregnancy, I take these vitamins:

Image 9

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to divide my 3 capsule/day dose into meals. . . I’ve been taking all three at bedtime.  I wonder if that’s why I’m not queasy in the morning.  By mid-afternoon, my belly isn’t happy and it continues into the evening.  The vitamins contain tummy calming ingredients (like ginger and probiotics).  Perhaps spacing them out won’t make a difference.

I’m a super Mama, so I baked these for my kids tonight:

Image 8

They are back to school tomorrow, so these are for their lunch boxes tomorrow.  The recipe made 9, so each of the kids will get one tomorrow and then my skinny boy will get the remainders for the rest of the week.  (I continue to explain to the kids that life isn’t fair and brother is losing weight and therefore needs more calories.)  I used this recipe over at TGIPaleo that’s for donuts. . . I decided muffins were a little simpler (and easier for the other kids to not eat all week!).


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