Lunch Box Ideas! Sugar Detox Day 8 Wrap Up

So, I’m already a slacker and didn’t post our Sugar Detox update for day 8 (yesterday)  oops.  Blame it on the pregnancy hormones making me so tired I barely made it through dinner.  Speaking of dinner, Daddy Grok’s parents and Grandma joined us for dinner.  Grandma lives 3 hours away and we haven’t seen her in 2 years (doesn’t seem right, does it?).  I digress.

Yesterday- Daddy Grok ate an entire bag of veggie chips.  I thought they’d take the edge of his desire for Munchies (those Dorito things). . . with their salty crunch. . . but I didn’t realize he’d eat the WHOLE bag.  This morning when I noticed the empty bag in the trash, I pointed out that was almost 100 carbs.  His response, “maybe that’s why I haven’t lost any more weight. . . “. Um, yeah.   My confession- I ate one of those muffins I made for the kids.  Blame it on the baby in the belly.

For dinner we had crockpot chicken “taco” salad.  I cooked the chicken the day before so all I needed to do was reheat.  It would have worked just as well to cook it the same day, however I was actually trying to make the chicken for Monday nights dinner and it didn’t get done in time for our crazy evening, so it was Chipotle.

Image 2

For the chicken- I simply put a stick of butter in the bottom of the crockpot and topped with frozen breasts.  I then added taco seasonings and allowed to cook on low for most of the day.  Then I shredded the chicken using two forks.   This was GOOD.   We enjoyed it on top a bed of organic salad greens with the usual taco salad toppings (no chips).   The chicken was on sale for $6.00 (1.99/lb).  Salad was $2.50 (we used more with this meal), other toppings- cheese ($3.00), salsa & sour cream ($1.50), and 24 hour soaked black beans ($1.49).  Dinner for 10 = $14.49.

Image 1

Yesterday’s lunch boxes for the kids – coconut flour muffin, cutie orange, carrot sticks, Stretch Island Fruit Leather, deli meat, & olives.


Today’s lunch boxes- Trader Joe’s seaweed snacks, some chicken from last night, carrot sticks, almonds, Larabar, & a banana.  I’m not sure why she used the glass dishes instead of her Planetbox stainless case, but whatever. 🙂

I should be taking pictures of Daddy’s lunch.  Today I sent him with meat roll ups (meat, cream cheese, pickles, lettuce), salami and cheese, olives, & an apple.  He still had carrots and pistachios at school.

Goal for the next week= stop eating so much heavy cream.  Oops.  It’s so darn delicious and we really like that sweet treat and have been enjoying it a bit too frequently (like 45 grams of fat/day in cream!).  Add that to the cream I have in my morning decaf, and well, I’m sure I’m way over the limit.  We will cut down the treat to once a week.

*Mama may also be a banana over her one banana limit most days.  But, I’m not getting the horrid leg cramps I did last time (from potassium being flushed out of the body).


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