Sugar Detox Day 9

The baby wants a bowl of Rice Chex.  No joke, people. (Insert flashback to Look Who’s Talking- baby pulling on the umbilical cord “Get some apple juice down here”.)

Mama’s staying strong.  Daddy’s staying strong, except he’s drinking some calorie free vitamin water. . . he has a “problem” with plain water.

I’m under Dr’s instructions to drink A LOT.  I’m suppose to vary it. . . the suggestions were: juice, Gatorade, broth, not just plain water.  Huh.  . . I won’t touch Gatorade with a 10 foot pole and I’m not a juice drinker (nor should I be with the detox).  So I guess that leaves me with water and broth.  I should be drinking more broth, but it doesn’t sound good to me.  And anyone who’s been in the early stages of pregnancy understands the not being able to consume something that doesn’t sound appetizing.  It’s just not going to happen.

I have these instructions because I have a mild/moderate case of OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome).  My belly is holding onto lots of extra fluids and drinking more will help flush it out.

Back to the Sugar Detox.

Breakfast was. . . (drumroll please) EGGS.

Daddy’s lunch/snacks were the same. . . hope he isn’t getting bored. 🙂

Mama’s lunch was this yummy salad.  It’s topped with leftover taco chicken from last night.

Image 3

Dinner tonight was shrimp scampi, spicy cauliflower, & salad.  There may have been some soaked brown rice present.  Honestly, I’m worried.  Our 10 yo boy- M, has lost 4lbs. . . he’s scrawny, weighing 54 lbs. . . we are trying to get him to at least maintain weight. . . and it’s a constant struggle.  He is the pickiest eater under the sun.  Loves meat, but wants it drenched in ketchup.  Even then, he doesn’t eat nearly enough of it.  The rest of the time, he only wants fruit. . . the boy would eat fruit all day long (100 calories each isn’t going to cut it, no matter how much fruit he eats).  Anyway, there is a lot of pressure regarding carbs and this skinny boy. . . and there’s the budget factor.  I figure 1/2 cup of soaked rice isn’t going to do any extensive damage (and yes, I measure the servings. . . and I drench the rice in butter).

Today’s budget- hard to pin down.  Lunches add up, of course. . . breakfast was eggs (kids had fruit). . . dinner- shrimp 2lbs/ $10.99. Salad – $1.50.  Cauliflower $1.20.  Rice $2.00.  Dinner for 7 = $15.19 (there were no shrimp left unconsumed). Oh, I used 4oz of Kerrygold on dinner, so I should add that into the equation + $1.17  = $16.36.

I’m off to bake some more muffins for the skinny boy.

I have a big, fat hunk of meat out to defrost for tomorrows dinner.  Yum-O!




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