Sugar Detox Day 10 and Kids Treats

Image 4

Breakfast was plain scrambled eggs (same ole).

Lunch today-  Doesn’t that look DELICIOUS?!?!  It was.  The bottom is 2/3 of a “loaf” of quick bread from Paleo Indulgences.  I toasted it and topped with butter.  Then I added over medium eggs and sliced up a bit of hand made marinated cheese (spicy!).  In the end, I only ate half of the bread. . . I like it to sop up the runny egg yolks, but mine got a little bit hard so there wasn’t much mopping to be done.  Plus, I was full.

Image 6

Snack- Mocha “frappuccino” from Paleo Parents.  I didn’t make the topping, because well, the idea of a meringue topping doesn’t appeal to me.  I used a bit of real heavy cream instead of coconut cream, because hey, baby likes cream.  I didn’t love this treat. . . it felt like health food, except there isn’t much health benefit to it.  I can drink my coffee with heavy cream in the morning and snack on a banana.  That said, if I could add a drizzle of maple I’d likely love it lots.  I’m sure I will make it again (in fact I have more frozen coffee cubes in the freezer) as a deviation to my coffee and I’m guessing it may grow on me more and more as time wears on.

Dinner- a big, fat, hunk o’ meat.  I don’t even know what the cut was.  It was beef ($10 after a BOGO deal).  Next time, I’ll marinate it before cooking.  Anyway, it was definitely a-okay, just not awesome.  We had it with organic broccoli/cauli/carrots ($3.49 for 2lbs) and some leftover soaked brown rice $2.00 (I know. . . seems like that’s becoming more frequent.  Part of it is boredom, and part is worry that I need more carbs for baby and the kids need more carbs. . . I know this really isn’t true, but. . . ).

Despite my “cheats” (a serving of rice or beans a couple times/week), too much heavy cream, and some days- not enough veggies. . . I’ve lost about 3lbs.   Considering I’m early pregnant. . . I’m not expecting (nor trying) to lose weight, but I can definitely afford to lose a few (or 20) pounds.

I forgot lunch box pictures today.  Shame on me.  I’ll try better tomorrow.

Image 5

The kids get these yummy goodies. . . Do you know how hard it is to make tasty treats like this and NOT eat them?  And my children don’t even appreciate what I go through. . . sheesh.

I made a quadruple batch. . . why?  Because using 20 eggs sounded good to me. . . 🙂  Not really, but I wasn’t sure how many a single batch made and I have five children.  We are trying to put weight on the skinny boy and he will eat treats. . . so he will get the majority of these.

You’ll notice I did a terrible job on my veggies today.  My intention was to have a big, green smoothie along side my yummy egg lunch, but I really did want a salad in a cup unless I could add an apple and orange to it. . . so I was going to eat a salad. . . but, I forgot?!?!.


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