SD Day 13 & Primal Pregnancy

Today is day 13. . . for me, it’s getting harder to avoid simple carbs.  I find this ironic, because I wasn’t eating simple carbs before the detox, however morning all day sickness is setting in.  My belly wants plain, boring carbs.  I know from my previous pregnancies with severe hyperemesis that I need to eat whatever my body will accept.  However, I’m really trying to maintain as much of a grain free diet as possible.

Anyway- today was uneventful.  Breakfast was eggs (Mama had a banana too).  I’m getting tired of eggs. 🙂

Lunch- on Sundays we take the kids out between our two church services (Daddy is Baptist so we do that church in the morning, Mama is Catholic so we do Mass at night).  Today we went to Red Robin.  Mama and Daddy both stayed strong- Daddy ordered a spicy chicken plate w/ salad and Mama had a bunless burger + bacon and salad.  The kids had gluten free buns & fries + salad and fruit.

Dinner- After Mass we had leftovers from last nights fried “rice”.  Mama is also having some egg drop soup from P.F. Chang’s that Daddy is kindly picking up after running to the grocery store for me.

Image 7

My friend gave me this tea, so it’s my newest addition to the pregnancy arsenal.  I’m also using Earth Mama Angel Baby aromatherapy spray to help with the queasies.

I picked up the RAW Probiotics for the kiddos. My oldest has a hard time swallowing pills and she’s been fighting influenza (the real deal), so probiotics are a must!  I’m also trying to strengthen her immune system for a Tdap vaccine at the end of the month.  I was planning to opt out of this vaccine but with a new little one on the way, it’s important for us to be vaccinated against pertussis so we don’t risk the baby.  I’m not thrilled at the prospect of giving her a vaccine, but there have been several cases of pertussis locally and babies are hit the hardest by it.  Safer to vaccinate the older kids + adults than risk a little one.

On the OHSS front- I’m still swelling and having some discomfort, but the pain level is hugely reduced over what it was in weeks 3 & 4.  Today I am 5.2 weeks, I swear this will be the longest pregnancy in history considering it took 24 cycles (14 assisted reproduction) to conceive and I knew baby was on the way at 3.4 weeks, which is VERY early to find out (otherwise known as 11 days past ovulation/conception).

Otherwise, I’m just tired.  Really tired.  Like sunken eyes with dark circles tired.  And I’m on pins and needles for our first ultrasound coming up in 9 days!  I’m putting off the urge to get it earlier. . . I certainly could, but I would worry because it’s too soon to see the hearbeat(s).  So, I’m trying hard to stick to the original plan of 6wks4days.


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