Lunch Boxes & Pregnancy Update

Image 3

Looks like we are carrying not one but THREE little beans in there. Wowsa.  Can you say pregnancy brain?  I’m also beyond exhausted. . . so forgive my slackness in posting. I’ll try to stay caught up.


In our PlanetBox– we have a hard boiled egg, carrot sticks, applesauce, banana, and little balls of goodness (recipe to come).

Image 4

In our LapTop Lunch– we have almonds & sunflower seeds, olives, red cabbage and carrot sticks, sundried tomato salami.

Image 1

In Pyrex (this is Daddy’s 21 Day Sugar Detox lunch and snacks)- we have pistachios, olives, aged cheddar, sundried tomato salami, and meat roll ups (meat, lettuce, pickle, cream cheese).


2 thoughts on “Lunch Boxes & Pregnancy Update

    • Just realized I hadn’t linked the lunch boxes. . . I intended to, really. 🙂 I know you can relate to the pregnancy brain- they really are vampire babies!

      I linked now, so you can click those to the lunchbox sites. We’ve had the Laptop Lunch System for 4 or 5 years now. . . the Planet box we purchased last school year toward the end of the year. . . the older kids think it’s not quite roomy enough for them.

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