Day 17

We have reached day 17 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  Hubs is doing awesome (which is shocking), I’ve been a bit more lenient now that pregnancy nausea has set in.  I’m still being careful, but I’ve added a bit of sweetener to drinks so that I can get more than water in (Dr’s orders were for Gatorade- no way!).

Since Paleo/Primal people like to talk poo- I can say this here.  When you go grain free, your poo decreases in volume.  It’s a product of less waste, this is a good thing.  However, if you couple that with early pregnancy (known to cause constipation), OHSS (known to cause constipation), and progesterone support to keep babies cooking (known to cause constipation). . . well, you get the picture.  Things haven’t been moving so well.  I discovered that for me coffee is a laxative.  And it’s much preferred to the alternatives (anyone enjoy jugging milk of magnesia?).  So, in order to get my full two cups of decaf in this morning- I added heavy cream and a bit of evaporated cane sugar (not ideal, I know).  Wonders, of wonders. . . within 30 minutes of finishing the second cup I made a trip to the bathroom.  What a relief.  I can’t get enough coffee in without a bit of sweetener- I’ve tried.  Coffee is just a bitter beverage and my pregnant belly doesn’t like it.  What babies want, babies get.

Anyway- I was mostly unable to eat today.  That whole nausea thing.  I had a banana upon waking (my theory was a healthy carb right off the bat would help). . . sometime later in the day I had another banana and a piece of cheese.  I also managed to munch on a bit of the leftover soaked rice (with butter and cream) from last night.  That’s it for the whole day.

So, by dinner I was ravenous. . . the nausea seemed to abate for a while and I wanted RED MEAT.  As in, nothing else sounded good- just give me some juicy, pink, steak!  My hubs is a darling and he stopped at the store on the way home to pick it up even though that meant dinner was going to be a bit late.

Image 5

Excuse the side ways photo.  This was good!  I cooked mushrooms & zucchini in butter. . . we also had diced sweet potatoes cooked in butter (of course!).  For good measure, I added a good size green salad.

Image 6

This is my shopping cart last night. . . $83 of produce and cheese. 🙂  The things that sounded good to my belly.  I picked up a few bags of plantain chips for the kids lunchboxes and also some yummy Greek yogurt (we will see if my tummy likes it!).  My cheese obsession is growing. . . but that may be the only thing that manages to get enough calories into me over the next few months.


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