The End

Of the detox. 🙂  Officially today is the last day, but we are going off plan tonight as it’s Kelsey’s 8th birthday and she’s requested gluten free pizza.  Since Daddy Grok has been craving pizza like a mad man, we are going for it!  I have a feeling he will be sick tomorrow as he’s going for the real deal (gluten and all).

In the morning we get to go see our little baby beans!  Hopefully we will see three, strong heartbeats!  In other news, Mama is SICK. . . I remember being sick with my girls, but this is sneaky sick.  I was totally fine, walking around the pool with the kids today when suddenly I had a mouthful of yuck.  Awesome.  I’m also beyond exhausted- I sit still and my eyes close, there’s no stopping it!  I’m not complaining, we worked too hard for this pregnancy!  Oh- and I’m COLD.  Unbelievably cold all the time, except in the middle of the night when I become a furnace and strip!

Today, I attempted shopping for maternity clothing . . . I don’t understand what has happened to my body.  I am the same weight I was 2 1/2 years ago (when I met Daddy Grok) but my body is sooooo different.  It’s like turning 35 has an automatic deflating effect on ones body.  Everything is more saggy skin and dimply. . . I don’t like it one bit.  I mentioned that after these babies arrive I may need a tummy tuck and a boob job!  Ugh. . . middle age!

Back to the birthday girl, because 8 is so much cuter than 35!!!!

Image 2 Image 1 Image Image 3

Her cupcakes were from Paleo Indulgences.  Everyone loved them!  They definitely have a coconut flavor, which isn’t my favorite but they still went over well. Notice the teeny-tiny plates & cups?  Because dolls must have party ware too!  Thank goodness for Amazon, as we had trouble finding a party supply store in town!  In the 2nd photo- she’s opening her American Girl Doll, Caroline.  Getting the first American Girl doll is our 8th birthday tradition.  She was obviously excited.  Isn’t she sweet?  And of course, we had to have a photo op of Caroline and her cat, Inkpot (I just love that bonnet!).  We had 9 – 8 year old girls here and that was MORE THAN ENOUGH! Of course, no one is entertained the same way, so a few did the craft. . . a few ran all over the house. . . and a few settled down to the McKenna movie (American Girl).  Mama is so glad she planned the party to last only two hours!  This birthday is bittersweet. . . for 8 years I thought she was going to be my last child. . . and that made me sad!  But now we’ve been blessed with these little ones on the way! Maybe we will have more American Girl birthdays yet to come!



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