Nummy Treats for Kids

My kids are getting bored with my snack response “fruit or veggies and protein”.  So, I’m trying to make them some special goodies here and there to keep things exciting.  I don’t want to be “that” mom who never gives her kids chocolate chip cookies. 🙂

So- I made chocolate chip cookies using Elana’s recipe.  I didn’t change a thing and they are DELISH.

Then, I decided to make a chocolate “larabar” since the kids love larabars but Mama doesn’t love the price ($1.49 x5 for one snack?  No thank you!).  I based them on this recipe over at The Paleo Mom with a few modifications.

Image 5

I used 20 Medjool dates, pitted and soaked in hot water for a few minutes.  I used a total of 2 cups of nuts/seeds, this batch has cashews, pecans, & sunflower seeds as that’s what I had on hand.  I added a bit more cacao.  The mixture wasn’t really clumping, so I decided to add about 1/2 cup of coconut oil.  Then I pressed it into a 9×9 inch glass baking dish and topped with some chocolate chips (pressed into the bars).  I placed the pan in the refrigerator to cool until the kids got home.  They were almost too hard to cut, so note to self, allow to warm slightly in the future.   I called them “no bake brownies” because my kids may balk if they need it was dates and nuts.  All five kiddos loved them.

Image 6

In other news, aren’t these the cutest shoes ever?  I found them on Zulily for my naughty darling eight year old.


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