Food Aversions and Morning Sickness

I really believed that this pregnancy would be different.  That I wouldn’t be violently ill this time around. Evidently that was all wishful thinking. . .

I’m sick.  Everything stinks.  Food grosses me out.  Smells gross me out.  My kids can’t get in my face because they stink. It’s pretty awesome around here right now.

What I can get down- lemonade, decaf with cream, sometimes water with lemon, orange juice cut with seltzer water. . . carbs seem to sit well so I’ve had a gluten free bagel, some tots (I know!), bananas, oranges, grapes.  Usually by dinner time I can stomach meat and veggies, so I’m getting a pretty decent meal in at the end of the day.  I’ve been craving Vanilla Jill’s frozen yogurt. . . granted, it’s not the worst choice in the world and they even have “paleo” versions (it’s a fabulous local shop), but it does have sugar and isn’t exactly a food I should be consuming frequently.  I cannot stand eggs in any version right now. . . just opening my refrigerator and smelling the hard boiled eggs makes me run for the toilet. Maybe I’ll try avocado tomorrow, right now it doesn’t sound disgusting but who knows how I will feel tomorrow.

My brain tells me that full paleo eating is the healthiest choice, but at this point it’s get in whatever I can or get sicker from having an empty stomach.

I want to enjoy coconut water instead of lemonade, but at this point it hasn’t been an option. I’m making lemonade, one glass at a time (so I don’t encourage myself to consume a lot) and trying to limit it to once a day unless I’m really feeling sick. I use lemon, water, and organic evaporated cane juice.

I’ve been researching paleo pregnancy online and slowly, I’m unearthing resources.  Thankfully there are a couple of prominent paleo bloggers who are currently expecting.   Jennie over at EasyPaleo just announced her pregnancy, and Melissa over at Whole 9 is coming into the home stretch of her pregnancy.  I also came across Dawn at The Paleo Baby who is now parenting a toddler, but her archives are chock full of pregnancy related posts.

Today the overall nausea is slightly improved. . . but I have a stabbing headache behind my left eye. . . I don’t feel well. . . food is not appetizing (although I did happily scarf a lovely leafy green salad at lunch), and I’m so tired my eyes need toothpicks to prop them open.  Somehow, I managed to stay awake though Mass this evening.

Speaking of Mass- we shared the news with our favorite priest yesterday after little Kelsey’s First Reconciliation of our expecting triplets status and we also shared that Baby A isn’t looking so hot.  He blessed the babies & I, and he also prayed for us, while laying his hands on my belly.  It was incredibly sweet.  Tonight as I went up to receive communion, he said “I’d like to bless your babies” and he offered another quick blessing for them.  This brings me incredible peace.

After Mass tonight, we had a dinner of Paleo Parents new fluffy pancakes.  The batter was thinner than I anticipated and we allowed the griddle to get a little too hot so they were a bit dark on the outside.  The kids and Daddy enjoyed them, Mama- well, I had a bit of trouble swallowing them- I’m sure they were perfectly tasty, but my belly/throat/brain wasn’t having it.


One thought on “Food Aversions and Morning Sickness

  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling sick. I hope it passes for you soon. I did have a slight case of morning sickness in my early days and some food aversions as well, but nothing serious. I put a drop of spearmint essential oil on my pillowcase at night and it seemed to help a lot (I learned this trick in an aromatherapy book). Congrats on your pregnancy! I look forward to reading about your journey.

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