What Babies Want, Babies Get

Pregnant bellies are finicky.  After reading about early pregnancy food aversions all over the internet, I know I am not alone in this.

Upon waking this morning, I had a banana.  I was hoping it would quell the queasies and maybe I’d be able to get those eggs in. . . no such luck. Around nine o’clock, my belly said it wanted Kozy Shack Rice Pudding.  I was all ready to give in to this. . . I headed to the grokery and low and behold- NO KOZY SHACK to be found.  Are you kidding me?  Fighting back tears, I decided to buy some white rice (the fast kind) and rushed home to create my own (no doubt, infinitely healthier) version of rice pudding.

My personal verdict is still out on the white vs. brown rice debate.  I’m a believer in soaking brown rice to break down the phytic acid so your body can utilize more of the good stuff.  I know white rice is the preferred “cheat carb” in the paleo world due to the anti-nutrients in the whole grain.  I wish I had a scientist on hand to compare properly soaked brown rice to stripped down white rice and tell me which to go with.  For today, I went with the crappiest of crap stuff “Minute Rice”.  5 minutes to a pregnant belly sounded like an eternity- an hour wasn’t an option and I didn’t set any out to soak last night. *note to self, soak rice*


This delicious treat consisted of preparing 2 cups white rice as directed on package.  I then whisked an egg with 1/2 cup cream (coconut cream would be tasty too!).  I slowly whisked the cream/egg into the rice because I didn’t want egg chunks (remember, my egg aversion?).  Then I added just under 1/4 cup of evaporated cane sugar and a bunch of cinnamon.  I cooked it until everything was thick and bubbly.  Then I topped mine with raisins (I wanted to add them while cooking so they’d plump up but my sister was sharing and she didn’t want raisins).  This made 4-5 servings, I was a good girl and actually put the leftovers away instead of gobbling up a second serving (I’m eating for 4, right?).  This is not so great for my carbs and I do feel a bit jittery now.  Maybe I’ll grab out a chicken breakfast sausage and see if that is palatable.

While I was on the quest for rice pudding, I decided I should buy meat as well.  This proves a bit challenging with a nauseated belly.  Looking at the meat packages was DISGUSTING and even worse was the fish smell from the meat counter.  UGH.  Somehow, I survived (it was close) and came home with a haul.

Image 1

The Beeler’s uncured bacon ends is a deal.  By purchasing ends instead of strips, I get 2lbs for $6.99.  This is a huge cost savings.  The Beeler’s breakfast sausage was on sale 2 for $7 ($3.50lb).  The Al Fresco Chicken Sausage Links were $3.99 for 7.  You may be wondering about that gluten free pasta lurking in the background. . . I couldn’t help it!  I’ve been bypassing the package for months now, but the belly demanded I bring it home today.  I probably won’t share with the kids, because I’m mean like that (and it was $12.99 for this pack!).  If I want to be good, I’ll store it in the freezer until its time for my carb loading prior to the glucose tolerance test (I am NOT drinking that thick, nasty poison stuff).  In all likelihood it may be lunch today.

I’m tempted to brown the breakfast sausage and serve it with roasted cauliflower tonight (like a hash, all mixed together!).  Wonder how the family will receive that?  Currently it sounds good, but that could change quickly.

Currently, I’m debating making my kids a snack food for today- these bars over at Simply Healthy Living look good.  I’d go with almond butter and use an egg instead of flax.  The reason I bought bacon was because Civilized Caveman posted chocolate almond butter bacon bananas today.   I still haven’t branched out into the world of sweets + bacon, but I’m close to being ready for the leap.

Now I’m obsessing over riced cauliflower cooked in oil and garlic. . . with sausage. . . and CHEESE. Mmmm. . . hopefully that will still sound good at dinner time.


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