An Overdue Paleo Food Post

After my Debbie-Downer post earlier, I figure I owe it to the blogosphere to write something a bit more helpful. 🙂  I just spent a whole lotta moo-la at the grokery store(s).  Ugh. . .

Anyway,  the plan is to have a plan.  I wrote out our menu for the week, purchased the goods to prepare the foods and started prepping food.  Wowsa… I guess sometimes depression can be motivation to action?

Here’s this weeks menu:

Tonight: rotisserie chicken (x2), home fried red potatoes, salad

Sunday: grain free waffles & country style pork sausage, fruit salad (mixed with natural fruit gelatin & heavy cream if I can get that motivated).  (Recipe from Eat Like a Dinosaur)

Monday: Lasagna w/ gluten free noodles. . . sorry, I just can’t get into a grain free lasagna and the belly is craving it. I am making one dairy free for the girls who are allergic, I am thinking of using a cashew cream in it. . .

Tuesday: Chef salad (with grilled chicken & ham, boiled eggs, olives, grated cheese, etc. . .)

Wednesday: hamburgers on the grill w/ roasted potatoes and salad

Thursday: build your own chicken spring rolls w/ tapioca wraps, this is a favorite of our kids! I prep the chicken, veggies, maybe some rice, and sauce. . . each person gets to dip their wrap in the hot water and fill it as desired, roll and eat.

Friday:  Meatless because it’s Lent.  This gets challenging when we are trying to limit or avoid grains. This week I’m making creamy cauliflower soup w/ grilled cheese.  I have three options on the grilled cheese. . . the yummiest way is to go with the new Franz gluten free soft and yummy bread for the sandwiches. Another option is to make coconut flour bread and use that. . . my third option is to go with the recipe over at The WellFed Homestead which would be 100% GAPs legal. I haven’t decided yet and I didn’t buy gluten free bread today (the dairy free duo has request garlic bread with their soup).

For Prep:

We made patties out of 3 lbs of the organic ground beef I bought today (straight from the processor for $3.99/lb), wrapped with wax paper and placed in a bag to freeze.  I also browned 2 lbs of ground beef and 2 lbs of country sausage. My plan is to get the lasagna’s assembled and in the freezer… but I’m exhausted, so we shall see! I put the 10 year old to work grating 1/3 of a 5lb block of cheese which we will use for lasagna, salad, and to sprinkle on things throughout the week (we love our cheese!). Another goal for today is to make the waffles for tomorrow so that we can just reheat them versus spending part of our afternoon cooking. . . once again, we shall see! I do need to get the gelatin mixed and into the fridge so that it’ll be set.  Ugh. . . my list is getting longer.  I’d also planned to make the creamy cauliflower soup so that it can go in the freezer, otherwise our cauliflower might go bad before Friday!

Where did I spend all that money today?

$90 at Bartel’s for Organic (local) meat (10lbs ground beef, 4 lbs Korean style BBQ ribs, 2 lbs stew meat, 5 lbs country pork sausage).

$30 at Market of Choice for a Beeler’s ham quarter ($9.00/lb!!!!), a couple juice concentrates for gelatin, organic heavy cream, and gluten free lasagna noodles.

$57 at Grocery Outlet, this includes many items for the daycare such as canned fruit/applesauce & bread. I did get some Aidell’s salami for $1.99/pk to use in lunches and a few packages of an organic tea/juice blend for the kids lunches (I don’t normally give them juice boxes, but this sounded like a good treat!).

$200 at Costco (really $317.39 but the remainder was non-edible items like printer ink and moss out for the roof).  This includes a box of Larabars and Stretch Island Fruit Leathers, 10 lbs of chicken breasts, organic frozen cherries, organic brown rice, almond milk (more of a daycare item), Izze juice (this was a pregnant belly buy), red potatoes, gluten free pasta blend (ancient grains), 2 rotisserie chickens (for dinner tonight), olives, etc. . .

Yes, I will still have to buy more produce and miscellaneous daycare foods (like milk) this week. . . Is it any wonder my grocery budget is $1400/month. . . and that’s only about half of the quality I’d like to buy for this crew.


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