Paleo Treats

Tonight called for something sweet. . . I haven’t baked anything in about a month, I think my kids are feeling deprived!  So, tonight I made cookies.  Yum-o.

Image 1

I used Elana’s original recipe.  In it, she notes that Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour won’t work.  Well, that’s what I used because it’s what I had opened (my new order from Honeyville arrived today, yay!).  I subbed maple for agave and I added about 3 Tbs of coconut flour because the batter looked a bit too moist.  Bake time was a total of 13 minutes and they turned out AMAZING.  I kid you not.  Maple-y sweet deliciousness!


This is our “snack” counter.  It includes a giant bowl of fresh fruit, dried fruit & fruit leathers, and our trail mix station.  We go through those almonds faster than anything!  The kids are gobbling up a pound every two days.  Even with 5 kids, I feel this is excessive so I may have to swap them out for a while.  Today, my youngest took two “trail mixes” in her lunch. . . one was coconut and raisins, the other coconut & sunflower seeds.  I’m not sure why she didn’t just mix it all together. . .


And our most recent baby picture.  Look at that sweet little face.  Baby is 11.2 weeks here… we could see her kicking and moving all over.


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