Paleo Easter, Day 19

This weeks organic produce from the co-op.  I spent $60, which included a donation toward a family box for a co-op member that couldn’t afford a box this week.  I spent another $5.00 at pick up adding on more oranges. Remember that carrot craving I was having. . . well, I bought six pounds. . […]

Day 15, What’s up Doc?

I’m craving carrots.  Hence the title. 🙂  Too bad we finished off our TJ’s stash and the produce co-op doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. Darn this no extra shopping trips, thing! This weeks produce haul (once again all organic) cost $60.  $7.00 of that was directly to help with needy boxes, so our food was $53. […]

Paleo Pregnancy

Well folks, Mama Grok is officially 15 weeks preggars.  Yeah! The great news is that the nausea is greatly reduced and I’m back on the no grain bandwagon. . . (except for my cheats today). I’m nearly finished reading Beautiful Babies by Kristen Michaelis.  I’m currently listening to The Paleo View episode 31- Paleo Pregnancy.  […]

100 Days of Real Food – Day 11

First up: Dinner tonight. . . Oh Yum!  We cleaned up every last bit of this tonight.  I prepared thin cut (carne asada) steaks, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, and Asian salad. . . then we wet rice paper wrappers, filled them up and enjoyed.  The kids love these make your own meals.  It is a lot […]

100 Days of Real Food- Day 10

I’m shopping with more clarity. . . that’s a nice feeling.  Also, I’m not running to the store every other day for more produce.  I’m liking this once a week co-op order. Look at that haul!  That’s $60 in organic produce.  I ordered the set box for $25 which included avocados, mini bells, Fuji apples, […]

100 Days of Real Food- Day 9

Store One- Safeway $64.71 2 pkgs thin cut steak for stir fry 1 pkg drumsticks for chicken marbella 2 lbs raw shrimp GF oats (more granola) Bananas 2 bags black beans 1 gallon organic milk *the meat purchased at Safeway is conventional. 😦  The budget doesn’t allow organic. Store Two- Market of Choice  74.80 Dagoba […]

100 Days of Real Food- Day 8

Mass ran long last night. . . on the way home we *almost* stopped at Chipotle to grab dinner.  Thankfully, I had left my purse at home and DH had also left his wallet at home. . . so, we saved $45 and I whipped up a dinner from what we had on hand: I […]

100 Days of Real Food- Day 6

The belly and the family were all happy with these pancakes this morning.  Although, we did have leftovers, which doesn’t occur when I make Pamela’s GF pancakes. This could be because these have protein and are more filling? Anyway, they were delicious, especially slathered with Kerrygold butter, topped with organic frozen raspberries from Trader Joe’s, […]

100 Days of Real Food- Day 5

Feeding the pregnant belly. I’m hungry A LOT.  This is foreign to me.  In my previous pregnancies, I was so sick for the first 18-20 weeks that just the thought of food sent me to the bathroom.  I lost 20-25lbs which each of those pregnancies and ended with a net gain of zero.  Yeah. . […]

100 Days of Real Food- Day 3

For our parameters go here: 100 Days of Real Food on a Budget Last night for dinner, we enjoyed yumminess from our co-op produce box. . . My kids LOVE my “candied” beets.  I place a generous spoon of Kerrygold butter in the saucepan, add sliced beets and then top with Celtic sea salt.  I […]