100 Days- Day 1

Today was menu planning and grocery shopping day!  If you want to read our plan and parameters for the next 100 days, click here.

Here’s the haul:

Image 1

First stop- Trader Joe’s $64.17


Broccoli florets- $2.49

Frozen raspberries x 2- $5.98

6lbs Gala apples- $7.47

Celery hearts- $2.29

Carrots 3lbs- $2.37

English cucumber- $2.29

Baby Lettuce x2- $3.98

5lb red potatoes- $3.99


Jar pear halves- $3.99

Roasted plantain chips x2- $3.38

Pecan pieces- $4.99

Sliced almonds- $2.99

Melon Galia- $1.99

Raw almonds x2- $9.98

5lbs mandarin oranges- $5.99


Safeway – $56.67

GF Rice Krispies x4- $7.16

Canada Dry Ginger Ale- $2.99 + .60 deposit

OJ- $3.99

Pork Butt Roast- $20.0410.1 lbs bananas – $5.92

Odwalla Strawberry C- $6.99

Organic Raspberries- $4.99

Organic strawberries $3.99

Image 2

Market of Choice- $42.08

Applegate ham slices x2 – $9.98

Beelers ham- $19.51

Nancy cultured cream cheese- $2.69

Fresh ground peanut butter- $7.04

Bulk unsweetened coconut chips- $2.86

Today’s shopping total= $162.92

*I am already over budget on personal care/supplies.

**Produce will be shared with daycare, there’s no way around that.

***I also purchased a few daycare specific items that aren’t pictured here as they aren’t part of my families plan.


This weeks menu: (Note: I am pulling items from my pantry and freezer to use in addition to this week’s shopping.)

Sunday grilled chicken, glazed carrots, salad
Monday  Pork Roast/potatoes/carrots (crockpot)
Tuesday grilled halibut w/ lemon, zucchini, mushrooms, salad, almond flour
Wednesday HM chicken nuggets, home fries, salad
Thursday rice/ground beef/cabbage casserole
Friday veggie soup w/ almond flour cheese biscuits
Saturday BBQ hamburgers, sweet quinoa, coleslaw

Breakfasts, lunches, and snacks are discussed in our beginning post.



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