100 Days- Day 2

Image 3

My co-op produce order arrived today.  It’s truly amazing, a couple of mamas have tackled this huge undertaking of providing organic produce directly from the distributor at awesome prices.  This haul was $34.

We received (All Organic)

2 bunches kale

1 bunch red lettuce

2 lbs roma toms

2- 6oz pkgs blueberries

4 fuji apples

4 oranges

4lbs garnet yams

1 lb snap peas

1 cucumber


2lbs beets

1 lb large white mushrooms

Pretty sure I ordered a couple heads of cabbage as well, but I forgot to check on that and I’m not driving back over.

My SNAP comparison doesn’t work here because this was a cash only purchase opportunity.  Someone had to pay for all of this up front from the distributor and then collect payments from all of those who placed orders.

I have kale chips in the oven right now. . . sprinkled with olive oil and Celtic sea salt, baking at 275F until crispy.  Yum.  The kids generally eat them faster than I can bake them!

What about snacks:

With 5 kids, we eat a lot of snacks around here. They come home thinking they are STARVING.  Our after school snack rule is fruit or veggie + protein.  Usually this looks like:  apple + greek yogurt, carrots + cheese stick, berries w/ cream + almonds.  I’m seriously considering removing fruit as an option as my kids eat a lot of fruit and getting veggies in is more of a challenge.


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