100 Days of Real Food- Day 3

For our parameters go here: 100 Days of Real Food on a Budget

Last night for dinner, we enjoyed yumminess from our co-op produce box. . .

Image 3

My kids LOVE my “candied” beets.  I place a generous spoon of Kerrygold butter in the saucepan, add sliced beets and then top with Celtic sea salt.  I cook until they are tender and slightly golden brown.  The kids fought over the last of them. . . guess I will make more next time.  We also had kale chips (kale baked in olive oil and sea salt at 275F for about 30 minutes until crispy).  Other than the Tillamook cheddar (why do they insist on making cheese orange?), this is a totally Paleo dinner (and I’ve had the Rolie Polie Olie Totally Chocolate Dinner song in my head all day since I coined it Totally Paleo Dinner).

Image 2

Mama’s plate.  The baby is liking fewer carbs now. . . and I’m happy about that.  I am living in fear of gaining a whole lotta weight and/or getting gestational diabetes this pregnancy.  Yesterday I made an electrolyte drink using a generous amount of lemon juice, filtered water, some organic cane sugar, and Celtic sea salt.  The salt made it taste not as fabulous, but I was able to get it in.  My acupuncturiets said I could still be dehydrated if I’m not getting enough electrolytes (especially sodium) and since we don’t eat any processed foods this is a concern.  I had a nasty 3 day long migraine and after consuming the concoction and taking a dose of ibuprofen (I know, but I’m 2nd trimester now and IMO it was better than narcotics the Dr prescribed), the headache finally started dissipating.  Today it is 85% improved, with only eye/light sensitivity remaining.


I made this yummy granola from 100 Days of Real Food, which I enjoyed for breakfast today.  I modified the recipe a bit- I used GF oats, 1 cup of sunflower seeds (instead of 1/2 cup each sunflower & pumpkin), I subbed maple syrup for honey (because I like my honey raw and prefer the taste of maple), and I added 1 tsp of nutmeg and decreased the ginger to 1 tsp.  My youngest thinks it needs to be sweeter (she likes tablespoons of honey on EVERYTHING) but I think it’s perfect.  I crushed my chopped pecans up so that they were little bits, I wasn’t in the mood for big chunks of nuts, the almonds I purchased sliced at Trader Joe’s on Day 1.  To manage consumption, I put a 1/2 cup measuring cup in the bag so that kids would scoop the proper portion to go along with their morning eggs.

Today’s shopping (I’m quickly running out of $$!):

Image 4

Technically this is toiletries/supplies budget and daycare budget. . . BUT since my supply budget is already exhausted for the month, I will deduct from our regular grocery budget.

Happy Baby Puffs $3.99

Baby Mum Mums $2.99

Daycare total- $6.98

Parchment Paper $5.39

Foil $4.59

Ziploc $2.99

Camelbak Eddy for Daddy Grok- $13.99*

Gluten-Free Living Magazine for Mama- $8.95**

Total – $35.91


I also treated the kids to ice cream after school to celebrate OUR NEW POPE!  We are thrilled to welcome Pope Francis to Vatican City.  I used the opportunity to quiz the kids about the conclave and teach them some simple facts about our new Pope.  $15.00, what better reason to celebrate with a treat?!?!?!

* I remembered as I walking through Market of Choice, planning to only purchase foil, parchment, and Ziplocs that Daddy had asked me several weeks ago to pick up a CamelBak water bottle for him. . . since I’m always trying to get him to drink more H2O and less soda pop, I figured it was worth the price today.

**I have a book and magazine addiction.  I’m working on it.  I actually bought this one today because the cover lists “Great tips for Grandparents of GF kids” and we have some, um, issues with the in-laws regarding diet. So, see it’s medical research.

Dinner tonight– halibut on the BBQ wrapped in the foil I bought today (I would have saved $$ if I’d remembered to buy it on my earlier grocery trip), more veggies from my produce haul this week, and organic baby red potatoes.  The halibut was in the freezer, it was given to us by the kids grandfather after an ocean fishing trip he went on.  Free food. . . bonus!

I planned to share a baby photo today. . . but I plugged in the CD I was given at Maternal Fetal Medicine today and it’s BLANK!  They didn’t give me any printed images, so we may be out of luck this round. Sad.  Anyway, baby was looking good but either being stubborn or sleeping.  S/he was facing downward and refused to flip over so we didn’t get the best images anyway.  Baby was less active than normal which I think confirms the sleeping theory.  Dr came in and had a look and said everything looked as it should at this stage. . . there was fluid in the stomach indicating baby was swallowing and we could see the areas of the brain developing. . . arms and legs looked good and occasionally baby kicked or moved around. I go back in 4 weeks to have another look via ultrasound.  I see my regular OB in 2 weeks, but won’t get a scan at that appointment unless something changes between now and then.


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