100 Days of Real Food- Day 5

Feeding the pregnant belly.

I’m hungry A LOT.  This is foreign to me.  In my previous pregnancies, I was so sick for the first 18-20 weeks that just the thought of food sent me to the bathroom.  I lost 20-25lbs which each of those pregnancies and ended with a net gain of zero.  Yeah. . . that’s not going to be the case this time around.  Maybe it’s being 35. . . maybe it’s all the acupuncture, extra supplements, and eating through the nausea. . . whatever it is, I haven’t been nearly as sick.  I did experience a good deal of nausea, but I found that if I ate frequently I keep the nausea from turning into full on vomiting.  So, here I am 14 weeks in, sitting at the same weight as day 1. . . I know that shortly I will start gaining weight.  Ugh.

Anyway- what is the belly eating these days?  I still need to start my morning with carbs, mostly because the thought/smell of eggs & meat in the morning send me gagging and set the tone for the whole day.  So, breakfast is a bowl of granola (at least there is a lot of nuts and seeds in it!) or a bowl of Rice Chex.  I usually need to eat again by 9:30-10, probably because a carb start doesn’t set my blood sugar on a great path.  This morning, I enjoyed half a pink grapefruit & 2 cheese sticks.  I’m debating if I need something else, I waited a bit too long to eat again and I’m shaky.

Image 6

If I wasn’t minding the budget, I would get those awesome little packages of pre-sectioned grapefruit.  I love those. . . but they are pricey.  Grapefruit is suppose to help the metabolism, so maybe if baby continues to like it, it will help me not gain as much weight. 🙂  Usually by dinner, I’m eating a strictly Paleo/Primal meal with lots of protein and veggies.  My body is liking potatoes and since I’m growing a baby, I’m indulging that desire(with Kerrygold butter!).

I haven’t had a gluten free bread in a few weeks (no bagels, sad).  Because my body is accepting more protein now and I know the carbs aren’t good for me.

My favorite veggies lately appear to be mushrooms & cucumbers. I still want pancakes/waffles on a regular basis. . . last weekend we had regular GF (Pamela’s) pancakes and they were delicous.  I know that I will be tempted again this weekend, in fact, I’m already lusting after blueberry pancakes, so I think I will make this banana pancake recipe from Civilized Caveman and add a few blueberries to the mix.  I’m thinking I need to prep something yummy, like one of these Paleo treats or Paleo Cherry Chocolate Muffins to have on hand for the mornings.  Perhaps I can fool my body into thinking it’s a carb fest when in fact it’s a high protein carb alternative. . . with Kerrygold butter, yeah. . . that.

On the shopping front. . . yesterday, March 14th, was Pi Day.  Therefore, my children needed a pie after dinner.  Pregnant Mama was too tired to actually make an almond flour pie crust and fill it with the delicious frozen cherries I have on hand. . . So, I took the easy way out and grabbed a local gluten free marionberry pie and a rotisserie chicken for dinner.  $18.98.  The chicken was a free range, natural bird. . . but as we were eating dinner, we realized it was a lot smaller and twice the price of our normal Costco birds. The pie was Mmmmmmm good.  ‘Nuff said.


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