100 Days of Real Food- Day 6

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The belly and the family were all happy with these pancakes this morning.  Although, we did have leftovers, which doesn’t occur when I make Pamela’s GF pancakes. This could be because these have protein and are more filling? Anyway, they were delicious, especially slathered with Kerrygold butter, topped with organic frozen raspberries from Trader Joe’s, and then drizzled with real maple syrup.  I made a double batch of Civilized Caveman’s Perfect Paleo Pancakes (he says a batch serves two people, not sure who he’s feeding).  Honestly, the berries really made this special. .  . the pancakes are a bit difficult to flip and need to be cooked carefully.  I have learned that a lower heat works better so that you end up with done, not burnt/raw cakes.  I also use my small metal serving turner from Pampered Chef as it’s the easiest to slide under the pancakes.   *I realized at breakfast that we are OUT OF KERRYGOLD.  How did this happen? Ugh. . .


We finally had our fish dinner the other night.  No one in our house really cares for fish. . . but it was okay.  We wrapped halibut in foil and grilled it (with Kerrygold butter, lemon, & seasonings).  We enjoyed it with baby reds and salad (from the co-op box).  We shared our leftover fish with Nana and Papa.

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Now, this was a WINNER.  Daddy Grok and I needed a date last night. . . we weren’t suppose to be spending money on dinner out this month, but sometimes the parents have to get away before the five heathens children eat them alive.  Anyway, since it was Friday and therefore meatless (it’s still Lent, people!), we went to Red Lobster.  I’ve had good luck eating here and staying gluten free as long as I remind them no seasoning on my fish and stick with veggies or potato sides.  I was prepping some biscuits at home for the kids to enjoy with their clam chowder while we were going and the idea struck me- I should take a biscuit with me to the restaurant (LIGHTBULB!).  I used a recipe from Delicious As It Looks.   And delicious they were.  I don’t have any Old Bay seasoning (nor do I know what it is), but I added garlic, salt, parsley, & ground pepper into the biscuits and then into the melted butter.  Oh my yumminess!  They are grain free. . . obviously, they contain cheese.  The server at the restaurant said they looked like the real thing. . .

Lesson learned- last night I asked Daddy Grok to run to the grokery for some bananas and a 1/2 gallon of our favorite pastured, organic milk.  He came back with a few more items. . . needless to say, that messes up the budget.

We ate tonight’s dinner for lunch today because I didn’t have any leftovers on hand. . . so I’m not sure what we will throw on for dinner.  I do still have a couple pounds of ground chicken, chicken breast tenders, a pound of ground beef, and more of that fish. . . so I’m sure we can come up with something.  I also need to get stock started with the carcass from our rotisserie chicken night.

Currently I’m reading Wheat Belly by William Davis MD.  It’s funny because you don’t have to convince me that wheat is bad for you. . . I know it’s bad for every human whether you have Celiac or not.  The book has been on my “read this year” list and my mother in law asked if I owned it the other day because someone at Curves was telling her about it. . . so I decided to spring for it ($25.99 at Borders, ugh. . . should have used Amazon).  I’m kind of a geek, so I love all the science in the book so far.






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