100 Days of Real Food- Day 8

Mass ran long last night. . . on the way home we *almost* stopped at Chipotle to grab dinner.  Thankfully, I had left my purse at home and DH had also left his wallet at home. . . so, we saved $45 and I whipped up a dinner from what we had on hand:

Image 4

I pulled out the rest of our chicken tenders and tossed them in a skillet with olive oil & Braggs seasoning blend.  Then I boiled the last package of gluten free noodles we had in the house, tossed with olive oil and more Braggs.  We added a fresh fruit salad, sliced organic carrots and salad.  The kids ate every last bit of this. . .

Image 3

Market of Choice had Organic Valley Pasture Butter on sale for 2 for $7.00, that was slightly less than Kerrygold and from Oregon, so I bought four packages.  $14.00

This weeks meal plan:

Monday- Pork Roast, sweet potatoes, carrots, salad
Tuesday- shrimp w/ zucchini & mushrooms
Wednesday- chicken marbella
Thursday- stir fry veggies, steak strips
Friday- meatless- rice & beans
Saturday- out of town
Sunday- taco soup

Mama has to get off the carbs.  I’m mostly over the morning sickness, so it’s time to get back to veggies & protein with some fruit thrown in.  I’ve already gained 10lbs!  Ridiculous. . . I’ve never gained weight in my pregnancies before!  Maybe it’s being 35. . . maybe it’s better management of my nausea this time. . . maybe this one is a boy. . . who knows, but something has to give or I’m going to be a cow by the end of this!

I’m headed out to grocery shop here in a bit.  Tomorrow I will run by Bartel’s and pick up beef.  I also pick up our produce co-op order tomorrow, I spent $60 this week, but I think I’m getting plenty of produce to last the week.  (With the exception of bananas).

I definitely over did the produce last week between my Trader Joe’s run and the co-op, so I’m going to try to make due on co-op only this week and see how that goes.

Expenditures so far this week:  $74

Week One household grocery only: $271.81  (part of this included household supplies and shared daycare foods, plus the cambelbak and GF magazine on one of my runs).




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