100 Days of Real Food- Day 9

Image 5

Store One- Safeway $64.71

2 pkgs thin cut steak for stir fry

1 pkg drumsticks for chicken marbella

2 lbs raw shrimp

GF oats (more granola)


2 bags black beans

1 gallon organic milk

*the meat purchased at Safeway is conventional. 😦  The budget doesn’t allow organic.

Image 6

Store Two- Market of Choice  74.80

Dagoba cacao powder

Organic heavy cream

unsweetened banana chips

ranch mix

taco mix

2 pkgs Diestel farms lunch meat

Beelers ham

organic applesauce

3 GF cake mixes*

palm shortening*

enjoy life mini chips

GF animal crackers (for 10yo speech at school on celiac/gluten)


*I’m making a rather large cake for my nieces third birthday this weekend. . . hence the additional supplies.

The cacao and heavy cream are for my breakfast.  I have to get off carbs.  I have had good luck with a special mousse treat- heavy cream, banana, vanilla, & cacao powder in the blender.  I’m going to try this for breakfast as I (slowly) re-introduce eggs and meat in the mornings.

I decided to treat my kids with the mini chips to add to their trail mixes.  The deal is, I put a 1 tsp measuring spoon in the jar and they have the option of adding 1 scoop to their trail mix.  If I catch them cheating, that’s it. . . chocolate is gone. 🙂

The ranch and taco seasoning will be used in our taco soup later in the week.  Oh crud. . . I forgot a pound of ground beef.



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