100 Days of Real Food- Day 10

I’m shopping with more clarity. . . that’s a nice feeling.  Also, I’m not running to the store every other day for more produce.  I’m liking this once a week co-op order.

Image 7

Look at that haul!  That’s $60 in organic produce.  I ordered the set box for $25 which included avocados, mini bells, Fuji apples, zucchini, bananas, cilantro, onions, red potatoes, cauliflower, and a pineapple (which I have to pick up tomorrow).  I also added mushrooms, kale, more red potatoes, more Fuji apples, pears, kiwi, cucumbers, and romaine lettuce (which I forgot and have to pick up with pineapple).  I also kicked in a couple dollars toward produce donation for families in the group that couldn’t afford a box this week.  (This was ordered Sunday and factored into my weekly expenditures already.)

Image 9

Tuesdays dinner:  shrimp scampi, cabbage, mushrooms, & zucchini. . . we also chopped up a cucumber and enjoyed that cold.  I added baby red potatoes as well. . . but they took longer to cook so aren’t in the picture.  All the veggies and shrimp were cooked in butter. . . yum, healthy fat!

Image 11

My low carb breakfast today. . . this is one of my stand by “treats” for the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I’m trying to get away from grains/carbs and today I’ve been successful!  Baby is agreeing finally!

Image 10

A couple hours after my chocolate “mousse” I was hungry and enjoyed some natural ham and diced cheddar.

I didn’t really eat lunch today, oops. It was a very busy day.  I ate a banana and munched on a bit more ham & cheese and a few mushroom slices left in the fridge.

Somewhere mid-afternoon, I grabbed a Nancy’s yogurt at Market of Choice. . . I ran in to get my oldest a snack since I’d failed to bring one and we had a crazy afternoon.  Anyway, I got the cultured full fat honey yogurt. . . so it was almost paleo.  Full fat dairy (cultured), honey, peaches, locally produced. . . that’s it. It was tart and tasty and definitely took care of the nausea that was creeping up from going too long without eats.  I grabbed a paleo jerky pack and a banana for K. Total $3.47.

Mama is hoping that I can stall the weight gain over the next 10 weeks. . . if I manage that, I can hope to come out of this pregnancy without an excessive amount of extra weight to lose.  Hopefully removing the gluten free carbs I’ve been using to ease my nausea will help. Thankfully, the nausea is almost gone now (unless I go too long without food or have a migraine coming on).

I’m still wanting pancakes something fierce. . . I have two recipes in mind for this coming weekend.  Not sure which I will make (or both?). . . apple almond pancakes or fluffy blueberry pancakes. . . decisions. . . decisions.


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