Paleo Pregnancy

Well folks, Mama Grok is officially 15 weeks preggars.  Yeah! The great news is that the nausea is greatly reduced and I’m back on the no grain bandwagon. . . (except for my cheats today).

I’m nearly finished reading Beautiful Babies by Kristen Michaelis.  I’m currently listening to The Paleo View episode 31- Paleo Pregnancy.  I’m lying in my bed thinking about food. . . but trying to ignore it. 🙂  (As I’m typing this, I realize I didn’t get the info on signing up for the ecourse Kristen was offering with the pre-order of her book. . . not sure how I forgot that!).

Anyway, I’m a big fan of Nourishing Traditions/WAPF. . . so the book isn’t new information to me. . . however, it is a great reminder.  I’m pondering the liver issue.  I know I need to eat it. . . but I don’t.  So, my plan is to go to our local meat market and get some ground and mix it in with our ground beef. . . meatballs?  bunless burgers?  2x weekly. . . have to figure out the spaghetti issue, because that’d be about perfect!

What I’ve learned this past week of returning to my fully grain free ways. .  . I’m pretty sure that my gluten free grains were causing my migraines.  Maybe it’s a blood sugar thing?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that today I cheated because we were at a birthday party and the only gluten free item on the menu was pizza. . . and there was cake. . . anyway, I haven’t had a migraine in days (since stopping the GF grains) but today after eating pizza it was BACK.  YUCK.  I had thought this was a possibility when I noticed day after day going by without a headache (and no grains in my diet). . . today confirmed this.

Honestly, I’m hoping that this return to healthier eating will also stop the weight gain.  I’ve gained 9-10 lbs already and that’s hitting me hard!  If I can stall out my gain for the next 10 weeks, then I can gain 1lb/ week for the duration of the pregnancy and still reach an optimal weight gain.  I hate this obsession with food. . . but I know something has to give and that my body doesn’t do carbs well.  I won’t limit my veggies or even my fruit, so baby will still get plenty of carbs needed for growth. I’m just not doing it with grains. . . because my body doesn’t like those. They make me fat, sluggish, and leave me feeling icky.

I am eating a lot of cheese right now.  I’m okay with this.  Baby likes it. . . my blood sugar stays stable. . . I like little chunks o’ cheddar with diced natural ham.  This has been my go-to snack.  I just wish that natural ham wasn’t so pricey!  The other morning, I nibbled on left over carne asada steak from dinner alongside my cheddar. I know cheese is a grey area in the Paleo world, but I’m pregnant so don’t tell me not to eat it or I may go preggo-crazy on you. 🙂

I’m drinking water. . . but I was bored with water so I tried a “Vanilla Dry Soda” yesterday. . . I didn’t love it, but it did break up the monotony of water.  My goal for this week. . . drink at least two cups each day.  I’m hoping this will help me learn to like tea.

On the no grain/paleo while pregnant front:  I’m getting a lot of feedback “doesn’t baby need carbs?”, “that can’t be healthy”, “as a nutritionist I can say, don’t cut carbs now it’s important for baby”. . . blah blah blah.  Guess what people. . . I’m a nutrition geek.  I haven’t completed a “program” yet, but I have studied until my eyes bleed. . . I’m up on all the current information.  More importantly, I know how my body responds.  I know that carbs do not make my body happy.  I know that I managed to produce three healthy babies in my previous pregnancies in which I took in/kept down almost nothing for the first 18 weeks.  I know I’m healthier this pregnancy- probably in large part due to my higher nutritional status at conception this round.  Also, I don’t want to develop gestational diabetes and guess what?  This “diet” is really similar to a gestational diabetes diet. . . you know, the one prescribed by the nutritionist when your GTT comes back in the “uh-oh” range.  I’m ahead of the game because I don’t want to reach that point.  Plus, I don’t like feeling yucky.

Okay. .  is it just me?  Podcasts kill me. . . I really want to get into them but it’s a lot of talking and I lose focus really quickly.  I’m trying. . . maybe I will hop over to the co-op and order next weeks produce.  Mmmmm veggies.





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