Day 15, What’s up Doc?

I’m craving carrots.  Hence the title. 🙂  Too bad we finished off our TJ’s stash and the produce co-op doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. Darn this no extra shopping trips, thing!

This weeks produce haul (once again all organic) cost $60.  $7.00 of that was directly to help with needy boxes, so our food was $53. I will post pictures after pick up tomorrow. . . I’m anticipating it being tasty!  We are getting strawberries this time!

I just want to reiterate- carbs are not my friend! Today, I ate slow cooked oats for breakfast and then a stuffed potato for lunch. . . I feel CRUMMY.  The reasoning behind this was I didn’t go shopping yesterday and my normal ham or other desirable meats were not in the house.  The pregnant belly is still picky about what it will accept and salami wasn’t happening. . . ditto on eggs.  Anyway, all day I’ve felt just plain ick!  Even though the potato had chicken and cheese on it. . . it wasn’t enough in comparison to the carb load.  Thankfully I have a pork roast in the crock pot for dinner. . .  I plan to hit the grokery later for another Beeler’s ham and some organic ground beef and maybe a few bananas (none in the box this week).  I need to make my menu (I’m slacking) but I’m going to try to use up what’s in the freezer/fridge/pantry as it’s the last week of the month and that seems like a good plan!

In addition to my produce purchase I spent $14.99 on 5lbs of aged cheddar cheese at Costco.  So, this weeks total to date is $74.99 (including the donation funds).


Sunday was a rare sleep in day as Daddy Grok was out of town so we didn’t do morning church (we do his church in the am, and Catholic Mass in the pm).  It was lovely to lounge around in bed until 9am!  Around 11am, I decided food was called for and I wanted PANCAKES.  And remember, what baby wants- baby gets!  So, I made this recipe from Real Sustenance. . . Extra Fluffy Coconut Flour Blueberry Pancakes.  I omitted the sugar and used frozen berry blend instead of blueberries. The result was delicious!  They do contain 1/2 cup of starch. . . I decided the fluffy factor required its presence.  I will make them again.  However, since they contain starch I will add a protein side in the future.

Image 2

Here’s my 15 week belly pic from Saturday. . . baby is the size of a navel orange. The belly is much larger. 🙂

Image 1

And here’s the finished birthday cake. . . my original plan included a second tier but pregnancy exhaustion won out.  It’s still cute.



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