Paleo Easter, Day 19

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This weeks organic produce from the co-op.  I spent $60, which included a donation toward a family box for a co-op member that couldn’t afford a box this week.  I spent another $5.00 at pick up adding on more oranges. Remember that carrot craving I was having. . . well, I bought six pounds. . . that should last us a while!

We received: tomatoes, crimini mushrooms, kale, asparagus, yams, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit, pears, apples, blueberries, carrots, & avocados. . . not pictured, I also got 3lbs of strawberries.

What I’m learning- we are buying too much produce in a week.  I need to stop getting the CSA style box and just do build your own so I can hand pick our produce.  The kids are kiwi’d out with my large purchase last week and then the extras this week. . . and we only go through maybe 2 avocados a week now that the babies have decided their avocado love is over (I think it’s a texture thing?).  I don’t ever use raw tomatoes, but hubs will when we do sandwiches or burgers (seldom). . . so these beauties need to either become salsa or pasta sauce. . . darn, should have caught that last week we had cilantro, romas, & onions in the box. . . it was just calling out for salsa and I missed out!

I’ve pre-ordered about $150 worth of grass fed beef from the co-op which should arrive a week from Tuesday.  It’s at least one month’s worth of beef.  The co-op is definitely enabling us to get more organic, grass-fed food than our dollars could afford otherwise!

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I wanted a treat the other day, so I made some brownies.  Only they were so not bad for you, that I let the kids eat them for breakfast! I used a recipe over at Paleolicious. . . since I have a scale, I didn’t bother to convert the recipe.  Sorry.  I didn’t top them as she did. . . but I’m sure that would have made them fab.  As they were, I found them quite tasty and not too sweet.  More bar like than brownie.  The kids gobbled up the pan, so the consensus says, “yes”.


And yet another goodie to break up the monotony of Mama proclaiming, “veggies or fruit and protein!”.  This tasty treat was actually a biscuit recipe that I pressed into an 8×8 baking dish instead of rolling and cutting.  It provided more of a coffee cake feel than a biscuit this way and anything called cake gets the kids attention. The recipe was from The Urban Poser.  The only thing I changed other than the shape was to use lemon extract instead of zest.  I just drizzled some in as it blended, so I can’t say how much but the end result was lightly lemon and not too almond-y.

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I’ve had a couple of these breakfasts this week.  My co-op order of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free oats arrived (5olbs!).  Personally, I don’t believe a few servings of properly soaked non-wheat grains each week is going to cause damage.  This bowl of delicious slow cooked oats is topped with fresh organic strawberries (from my co-op) and a drizzle of organic heavy cream.  I really wanted to add a few almonds but baby isn’t liking nuts still (not since our vomit in the mouth episode at the aquatic center after I had just consumed pistachios).

And that brings us to our topic: Easter Dinner.  I went to MoC tonight to round up the fixings for Sunday’s Easter Dinner.  Hubs decided on steak, fine by me!  I opted to add fruit salad, Nana is doing garden salad, and the kids voted for twice baked potatoes (fringe Paleo, I know!).  So. . . here’s the shopping list from tonight.

5# Yukon Potato  $2.99

Painted Hills (Natural, Grassfed) Eye of Round Steak (6 pieces) $12.59

Painted Hills Sirloin Tip Steaks (4 pieces) $13.88

Applegate Roast Beef $4.99*

Applegate Turkey Breast $5.99*

Applegate Ham $4.99*

Bananas $3.11

Frozen OG raspberries $3.99

Nancy’s Cultured OG Cream Cheese $2.69

Nancy’s Cultured OG Sour Cream $3.99

OG Valley Provolone Cheese $4.39*

OG Valley Heavy Cream $3.29

OG Valley Pasture Butter $3.50

Tillamook Butter $2.50

Sourdough bread $4.79*

Udi’s GF bread $4.99*

GF Matzo Crackers $6.99**


*Daddy Grok’s sister and her beau will be joining us for lunch on the run tomorrow.  Due to our hectic schedule, I don’t have time to prepare anything so cold cuts it is. . . hence the bread purchase and the not so budget friendly lunch meats.  Hey, it’s a holiday, right?

**When I found the GF Matzo I knew my troubles were over.  My youngest will be celebrating a passover dinner with her First Communion Class and she is GF.  I was trying to figure out how to come up with a Matzo. . . now I don’t have to.

Organic Valley and Nancy’s products are local to Oregon.  Yay.

Wondering if it was worth buying the cultured cream cheese and sour cream considering these will be used in our twice baked potatoes. . . I’m sure the heat delineates any health benefits. . . but, we will likely have leftovers which we will use unheated.

Obviously, this meal will include quite a bit of dairy.  I’m not sure how to avoid it and create the dishes the family desires.  That said, the cultured dairy is much more acceptable to the bodies of my dairy intolerant children. . . so maybe we won’t experience any issues following this indulgence.


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