Day 27 and Where Has my Budget Gone?

I’ve been busy. . . sorry for the silence around here. 🙂

I ordered 30 lbs of local, grassfed beef to the tune of $170 and it will arrive this Tuesday with my produce co-op.  Last week, I only spent $30 on produce ($25 co-op box + $5.00 needy donation). Here’s the haul minus a few missing items:


It’s not as impressive as it should be. . . we were missing a chard bunch, a lb of grapes, a couple cara cara oranges, and something else (I should get credit for these items, so my price will drop).  Anyway, we did receive a big head of red lettuce, a leek, 2 cara cara oranges, 2 avocados, a bunch of rainbow carrots, a mango, 1 lb of crimini mushrooms, 3 lbs of red potatoes, 4 pink lady apples, 5 bananas, 2 tomatoes, and a bunch of basil.  All organic.

Image 4

Here’s the belly today. . . 17 weeks.  Wondering where this kid is going to grow for the next 22 weeks considering how HUGE I am already. . .

Image 2

Easter morning breakfast- I made these yummy in the tummy grain free cinnamon roll donuts.  They were a huge hit, however I didn’t even eat a whole one. . . my belly wasn’t liking the sweetness in the morning or something.  The kids and Daddy were happy to finish them off.  No modifications, except I dipped them in a glaze.

Image 3

For Easter, we also  made these sugar cookies from Against All Grain. I’ve decided that Wilton’s cookie pans are my go-to for grain free cookies.  No rolling and cutting and oh so carefully transferring. . . instead, I just pressed a ball of dough into the mold and baked. . . We couldn’t find cacao butter in town, and with no time left to order from Amazon, we ended up going with canned frosting (I know!!!!!).  The cookies were delicious. . . I will  make them again.

The frosting on the cookies was our only dietary deviation for Easter.  We enjoyed steaks on the grill, twice baked yukon golds (contained healthy full fat dairy), a delightful garden salad, and tasty fruit salad.  No grains in sight.

Image 5 Image 1

And my newest way to make veggies. . . I chopped everything and placed them on a jelly roll pan, topped with pastured butter, & Braggs seasoning.  I roasted them until nice and tender.  The platter was almost empty after dinner. . . the kids gobbled them up!  In the future, I will likely stick with EVOO and a lower roasting temp, but I was in a hurry and knew that butter was better at higher temps.

Back to the budget. . . with Easter, I lost track of our March expenditures.  Oops.  Back on it! For the first week of April, I’ve done almost no shopping while I’m waiting for our co-op orders this week.

In other news, we visited a milk farm where we are purchasing herdshares in order to obtain (100% grassfed) raw milk.  So excited.  The kids are beyond thrilled.  It was a fun (and very muddy) adventure.  We will start receiving our milk within a week or two (depending on the production as the cows are increasing supply this Spring).  I’m going to start with two gallons each week, this will work out to about $10/gallon.  I’m already spending $8-9 gallon for pastured organic (but otherwise industrial) milk so it’s not a huge increase.  If you don’t know the value of raw milk, read all about it at RealMilk.

I’m amazed how just in the last month, our quality of food has increased (more organic, more local, more grassfed) and yet, our budget has NOT increased.  The co-op is amazing.  However, I can’t wait to buy a chest freezer and purchase a 1/2 cow as that will be even lower cost for us!


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