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This week’s co-op orders-  $170 (including donation) for ~30lbs of local, grassfed beef.  In the produce world, the above was procured for $50 (including a donation).  Even if I bought nothing else this week, my family could eat well on this haul.

On the meat front, we got 6 NY strip steaks, ~2lbs of sirloin steak, 12 lbs of ground beef, 2 large roasts, 2 lbs of stew meat, leaf fat for lard, and bones for broth.   This is a minimum of nine dinners with leftovers for breakfast or lunch.  (Steak omelets, yum!)

With the addition of a couple cups of rice or beans, and maybe some oats this would round out nicely for our family of 7.  We are also now getting 2 gallons of local grassfed RAW milk each week ($20).  That brings us to $240 for the week, leaving $10 for rice, beans, & oats (if that’s your thing).  Our eggs are free so we will enjoy those liberally.

Granted, we aren’t really going to consume 30lbs of beef in one week. . . but the point is, we could eat ORGANIC, local, grassfed, RAW, etc. . . for $250 or less (for our family of 7!).

On the horizon, I have 8 local, pastured, broiler chickens on order for $11/each (approx).  The first batch of chickens isn’t set to arrive until May sometime.  Even if I roast two for dinner, we will then strip the leftover meat, make bone broth, and enjoy at least a soup dinner and a lunch or two off the chicken.

So, what exactly would you eat if this was your weeks shopping?

-Roast w/ carrots

-Roast w/ baby reds & carrots

-steak w/ avocado & chard

-steak w/ carrot fries (fried in lard!)

-stew w/ veggies & a cup of rice

– bone broth

– lard

-hamburgers w/ mushrooms and green beans tossed in lard

-hamburger soup (bone broth, ground beef, leftover veggies, garlic)

-meat balls & fresh fruit salad w/ sliced cucumbers

-ground beef fried with diced tomatoes, garlic, green onions served over sauteed green beans (or rice)

Breakfast? soaked oats, leftovers, bone broth. . .

Lunch? leftovers, bone broth soup (over rice if you need a carb). . .

And don’t forget that glorious RAW milk. . . cream (whip on top of fruit salad!), butter, KEFIR!, homemade mozzarella. . . make a breakfast smoothie with kefir and leftover fruit.  This is in no way a deprivation diet!

In reality, we are spreading the meat purchase out over the month and will add some chicken, fish, etc. . . BUT you could eat well on these foods only.




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