Day 36

Today marks day 36 in our 100 Days of Real Food Challenge.  I missed my order for produce this week. . . UGH.  I forgot to get online until Sunday evening and the order had already closed.  Boo.

In other news- tonight we enjoyed two Draper Free Range (hormone and antibiotic free) rotisserie chickens.  After dinner, I started a big pot of chicken stock.  The chickens were $10.99 each.  I will get about a gallon of stock and we enjoyed a full dinner from the chickens (with salad as the only side).


We picked up our first 2 gallons of RAW, local, grassfed milk today.  Oh my.  Just look at that thick layer of yellow cream!

Image 3

Look at that shelf. . . eggs from our chickens and milk from our cow.  The way we are able to obtain raw milk legally is by buying a herd share from a local farm.  We own part of the cow and therefore get our share of the milk each week.  Our monthly fee covers maintaining, feeding, milking, etc. . .

Image 2

On that note. . . isn’t she precious?

Image 1

We are very excited as we prepare for Kelsey Anne’s First Holy Communion coming up in a couple weeks.  This is a snapshot from her photography session last week.


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