What I’m Eating. . .

Real Food, Pregnancy Style. . .

There is some slight deviation from purest Paleo here. . . I’m okay with that.

This is yesterdays food log. . . I’m on a sugar detox again (oh joy!).  I’m determined to avoid the Glucose Tolerance Test that is standard at 28 weeks of pregnancy, so I will also be taking my blood sugars as soon as my supplies arrive.  This will allow me to be well armed when I visit the OB next time!  I’m not sure if this is a good ratio of calories/fat/carbs for pregnancy, but I will give it a few days of logging my diet and seeing how I feel and then I will decide if I need to increase or decrease anywhere.  My feelings are that I should be around 100 grams of carbohydrates each day and I wonder if at that amount I need to be decreasing my fat intake some?  This is my food log from day 2. . . today is day 4.  I’m irritable by late afternoon and just want to crawl into a hole.  . . I question if I’m getting enough to fuel my growing baby.  I definitely don’t want to gain a bunch of weight and I’d be happy to not gain another pound in the next 17 weeks. . . but, I want CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I welcome comments/suggestions from other paleo (ish) peeps who’ve gone through a pregnancy eating outside the S.A.D. box. . .  Keep in mind, I went into this pregnancy with an extra 25lbs (35 if you ask me, but my R.E. insisted 25 would have been the most I should have lost).  If I was a skinny girl, I’d definitely be eating more calories and aiming to gain 25lbs. . . but that’s not me.  In my past pregnancies, I’ve gained ZERO. . . however, that wasn’t due to my stellar eating habits (I was SAD back then), but because I was violently ill for the first 5 months which resulted in a loss of about 20 lbs which I then gained back at a steady 1lb/weekly average over the remainder of the pregnancy. Those babies all weighed between 7lbs8oz and 9lbs7oz.

Breakfast 7:30am– 2 egg scrambled (home grown) w/ 1 TBS Parmesan and 2 wedges of orange (half of a small orange) & water

Calories- 215  Fat- 13 grams  Carbs- 9 grams  THM would call this a S meal even with my small portion of orange, as the carbs stayed under 10 grams.

Morning snack 10am– 2 mozz cheese sticks, 1/2 cup carrots, and more water

Calories- 190  Fat- 12 g  Carbs 7 grams  THM- S

Lunch at 12:30pm– lean turkey burger, slice cheddar cheese, 1/2 cucumber, 1 TBS ranch, & water

Calories- 360  Fat- 19 grams  Carbs- 5 grams  THM- S

Snack 3:00pm– Banana Smoothie (banana, 2 Tbs heavy cream, cacao, vanilla, ice, water)

Calories- 205  Fat 12 grams  Carbs- 27 grams  THM- CROSSOVER

Dinner 6:30PM– Tri-tip steak, 1/2 c. black rice, pat of butter, green salad, 1 Tbs ranch, & more water

Calories – 544  Fat- 24 grams  Carbs- 42 grams  THM- CROSSOVER

Daily Counts- 1514 calories, 90 grams fat, 90 grams carbohydrate




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