100 Days of Real Food- Grocery Budget

Technically, I think our 100 days is over or probably close, but who knows since I’ve lost track.  The reality is, we always eat real food with minor deviations for special occasions, so this is more about budget than anything else in our world.  Tonight, I came up with a “plan”.  This keeps us at the $1000/month for groceries. This doesn’t include extras I need for daycare or household supplies/toiletries/supplements.

Meat $318

30 lbs of grass fed, local beef (through the co-op) $170

8 chickens- whole, local, pastured (through co-op) $88

Shrimp- 2 pkgs at Costco (2 lbs each)$30

Tilapia- 2 pkgs (or other fish in price range) $30

Dairy/Grains $200

Milk- local, raw, 100% grassfed, 2 gallons/week  $80

Eggs- 5 dozen/week (based on bargain prices, we have our own free range chickens) $50 (this will buy chicken feed as needed)

Oats- 25lbs gluten free (bulk Bob’s Red Mill) $35

Rice- 25 lbs organic short grain brown (Costco) $25

Beans- 10lbs (variety)  $10

Fats/Oils $158

Butter- pastured $64 ($8/lb at Market of Choice)

Coconut Oil- Nutiva at Costco $23 (probably only every 2-3 months)

EVOO at Costco (2 pkg, purchase every 2-3 months) $15

Lard- pastured, made from fat that is included in co-op beef

Heavy cream (organic, pastured)- $20

5 lbs cheddar (Tillamook at Costco) $15

Nuts/Seeds/Dried Fruits $40 (mostly Trader Joe’s)

Produce $280

Weekly co-op order/ extras $70 each week

Condiments & misc $44

Grand Total- all real food, 90%+ organic, local grassfed meat, etc. . . $1,000 for a growing family of 7!!!!!

Items such as chocolate chips or 85% dark chocolate will come out of the misc budget.  We like to order almond and coconut flours every couple of months, those should balance with the budgeting for coconut and olive oils which won’t actually need purchased monthly.  We also may find that we don’t use this much meat or that our chickens use half as much food (especially in the Spring/Summer).  The budget will flex as needed.  For the next month, I intend to keep track of every expense in the various areas and any expenses that don’t fit into one of these areas so that we can budget more accurately in the future.  Now that our garden is planted, we may also find that our produce expense drops.

Stay tuned for the menu utilizing these foods!  I have a feeling the biggest challenge will be snacks and packed lunches for the kids (with summer on the horizon, this may be a tad easier!).

*Yes, I know that oats, rice, and beans are not TECHNICALLY Paleo/Primal (and cheese/raw dairy is on the fence).  Ask if I care?  Nope.  We soak them so that our bodies can use them and they help stretch the budget in our large family (not to mention that since I’ve been pregnant I’ve noticed an increase in the needs for healthier carbs).

Image 3

Here’s $60 worth of produce- – I was too tired to unpack the box!


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