Paleo, Pregnancy, Gallbladder, & Kidney Stones?

Seriously people.  I’m 25.5 weeks pregnant and something is going on.   At first glance, we thought I had a bladder infection so I went in for a quick UA.  The initial report was lots of blood, not much bacteria.  Huh. . . well, let’s start an antibiotic over the weekend while it goes off for culture. Culture comes back with a similar result.  Dr thinks maybe stones especially with the pain I’ve been having.  When I saw him in office, the areas that is the most tender is over the liver, which says, “hello, gallbladder”.  Awesome.  Oh, and I was exposed potentially to Hepatitis A through my favorite berry blend at Costco.  Double Awesome.  So we drew a whole bunch of labs and ordered an ultrasound of my liver, gallbladder, and kidneys.   That’s the fun for tomorrow.  We shall see what it says.

In the meantime, I’m keeping a log of my food and symptoms… this is an attempt to find a pattern.

I’m not a modern medicine kind of gal when I can avoid it.  So, I’m researching the best way to deal with this.  Today I started adding raw ferments in the hope that it will help balance my stomach acid and thin the bile in the gallbladder (red cabbage and beets). I also have a call in to a local nutritional biochemist who can hopefully provide some insight on safe supplements to use (can I add HCL and bile salts while pregnant?).  I also have acupuncture scheduled to work on bile flow and liver function.

Even if we discover my gallbladder is on the rampage, that doesn’t explain the good ole’ blood in the urine. . . perhaps I’m unlucky enough to have both gallbladder and kidney stones going on.

My biggest concern is what to eat. .  .the recommendation is a high fiber, low fat diet.  I already eat gluten free due to Celiac, grain free/processed foods free/sugar free. . . what’s left?  I will be living on veggies w/ olive oil, chicken, & fish?  Ugh. . . so bland and boring! Not to mention, how on earth do I maintain weight while I’m pregnant (I don’t need to gain but loss isn’t recommended).

I’m wondering how my grassfed beef plays into the low fat scheme. . . word on the street is that it’s much leaner and can be okay. . . I’m loathe to give it up and I only eat one serving of meat a day, usually at dinner.  That said, if I have to stop eating eggs and nuts as well, what on earth do I eat for breakfast?  I can handle some soaked oats or rice but without a protein source I get shaky and feel sick. In all likelihood I need to cut out my cheese (favorite go to snack) and so that opens up yet another can of worms.   Olives and avocado instead?  Except that’s gonna get old. . .

On that note, here’s some lovely photos of my co-op order. . . beef, chicken, and lots of produce.  Yum-o.

Image 1 Image

Produce- $60, Beef $165, Chicken $44


2 thoughts on “Paleo, Pregnancy, Gallbladder, & Kidney Stones?

    • Thanks, I’ve been reading back through all her gallbladder tags. Dinner tonight pretty much confirmed my gallbladder is being a brat. . . Dr suggested a “KFC style” dinner. . .which as a Celiac isn’t an option, but we did go out for gluten free pizza with double (greasy) cheese and I added a salad with ranch, cheese, & olives. Within an hour I was in horrid pain. 😦 Hopefully it will pass after baby arrives, seems pregnancy causes these things to flare!

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