Summer Vacation. . . 2 Days In

Three hours into Summer vacation yesterday, I thought for sure I was going to lose my marbles.  Or ground my children to their rooms for the remainder of the Summer.  Today was a bit better. 🙂

One of my coping skills (with 10-16 kids here all day every day, I need coping skills) is to have food planned and prepped.  What this means:

*Daycare menu for the week up and ready by Monday (which means all necessary shopping done by Sunday)

*Dinner prep/planning (today I put a chicken in the crock pot. . . added rice and voila, super easy dinner all we had to do was add our veggies)

*Lunch- the bean idea isn’t going over well with a couple of the kids.  Those two only ate their veggies at lunch and left the beans.  A couple of the girls ate thirds.  Hopefully they will decide beans aren’t so bad.  I sauteed purple cabbage, kale, & a bit of red bell pepper in butter, then added the beans and seasoned with garlic, pepper, & salt.  It was quite tasty.  We added a small salad of greens & carrots and a glass of raw milk.  The beans I have prepped should last the week, next week we will switch to soaked rice for lunch and I have a feeling the two who don’t appreciate the beans will like that better.

*I’m posting a list on the fridge that lays out snack and meal times along with WHAT they can chose to eat.  I can’t stand the “what’s for snack?” when they’ve barely finished swallowing breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, I came up with a fun new one!  The kids are loving it.  Growing up my favorite was chocolate malt o meal.  That’s obviously off the menu these days.  Well, I’ve discovered that soaked steel cut (gluten free) oats make a quite tasty “cookie bowl oatmeal”.  Here’s my recipe for 16 servings (although if you are feeding my kids, they will eat at least 2 servings each).

Image 2

Cookie Bowl Oatmeal

3 cups steel cut oats, soaked in 9 cups water + 1-2 Tbs acid of choice (ACV, whey, lemon juice) overnight.  In the morning, pour into a pan, and bring to a boil.  Add 1/4 -1/2 cup cocoa powder (depending on how chocolate you like it), 1 cup sweetener of choice (unrefined sugar, palm sugar, maple, honey), 1 cup natural nut butter of choice, & 1 TBS vanilla.  Cook until thick and delicious.  We drizzle a bit of raw cream on top and they gobble it up!

** Yes, I know this is REAL FOOD but not exactly Paleo.  In case you haven’t heard. . . I’m not married to any exact diet principles. I like variety.**

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