Changes. . .

This is how/why I can believe in evolution as a Catholic Christian. . . I’m constantly evolving and I’m convinced we aren’t the same humans as Adam & Eve.  Life happens.  Society happens.  Ideas arise and fall.  Life evolves.

Right now, I’m going backward again.  For a while I was pretty strict purist Paleo- no grains at all.  We did still allow dairy, as close to the good stuff as possible.  Then we started adding more grains in the form of soaked rice, soaked gf steel cut oats, and sometimes beans/legumes. In the meantime, our dairy moved to 100% grassfed and raw.

What I’ve noticed is some bowel changes (paleo peeps love to talk about poo).  While talking with my ND friend today she mentioned that if ANYTHING shows up in your poo, stop eating it.  So, since we don’t know exactly what I’m not fully digesting, but we do know I’m having gallbladder issues and I’ve been consuming more grains during this pregnancy than I was before- I’m going backward.  No grains.   I’m thinking I will do the 21 Day Sugar Detox again, being pregnant means I will have to eat a little more bananas/berries and sweet potatoes likely but I think we can manage, I’ve learned through experimentation that I need to keep my carbs around 100g/ day while pregnant.   At the end of the detox, I will try adding a small amount of properly prepared grain (I will likely start with the oats as they are my favorite) for about a week.  If nothing shows up in the poo, I will increase the amount until we know if I can tolerate it or not.  Then I will add soaked rice and repeat the test.  Ditto on beans, although I don’t know how I could possibly eat beans every day. . . (I’m also seriously considering cutting dairy out for the 21 days also as I’m not sure if I’m reacting.)

Since I’ve been pregnant I haven’t been eating bacon as it repulses me again (this has been the case for most of my life) but I’m also moving forward with taking my family off pork.  It’s not something we cook often anyway as I have always had a disdain for pork.  I made this decision after reading Life Without Bacon over at Paleo Baby.  This is not going to be a huge issue in our house as its not an every day staple here.  I haven’t yet made a decision regarding shellfish. . . we love our shrimp around here and eat it about twice a month.

In the meantime, my kids are eating a bit more rice, beans, and oats.  Why?  Because school’s out, we are feeding 12-16 kids every day and I have a budget to work within.  We are taking my childcare 100% gluten free in July to help keep our kids safe and meet the expanding needs of families with special diets in daycare.  This is where it’s going to take creativity to be able to afford to feed the crew and meet the USDA nutrition requirements.   Rice, beans, and GF oats are the least expensive ways to do that.

My youngest girl has a visit to the ND next week and we will begin experimenting with her diet so we can heal her gut.  There’s definitely some brain/gut stuff going on with her.  So, she may be following a protocol like mine soon.

On the pregnancy front- I’m 27 + 3 weeks today.  Some days I’m in complete shock that this strong little bean has made it this far!  I’m starting to prepare things for his/her arrival.  I’m in a lot of pain most of the time. . . from loosey goosey hips/ligaments, and stretching/tearing adhesions in my abdomen, a bum bladder/bowel issue, and a sluggish gallbladder.  Other than that, we are doing just fine.  I’m not sleeping much, since the bladder wakes me up every two hours and pregnancy insomnia often keeps me from falling back to sleep easily.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I’m having a baby, people!  After 8 years of an empty womb and multiple pregnancy losses, I have a viable baby growing in my belly!

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