Raw Ice Cream


I recently switched 1 gallon of our milk share to a cream share.  This means we are getting 1 gallon of raw milk and 1 quart of raw cream each week for $86/month.  We aren’t going through the cream as fast as I thought, mostly because I’m a tad lazy and haven’t been making butter or ice cream like I should be. 🙂

Well, I finally got on the ball and made ice cream and it is DELISH.  Our cream was slightly cultured in the fridge, so it’s tangy like a hard scoop yogurt which adds all kinds of happy nutrition to the treat.  We made 2.5 quarts with this recipe:

2 quarts raw cream (cultured or not)

1.5 cups organic cane sugar or maple syrup  (this is sweeter than I’d prefer because hubs has a sweet tooth)

1/2 cup organic cacao powder

2 Tbs vanilla

any special add ins you’d like (hubby adding toffee)


I simply mixed up the ingredients in a glass bowl and then poured into the ice cream maker.  Added salt and ice and processed until machine turned off.  We then poured it into a large glass bowl, it resembled a soft serve or mouse at this point and then we froze it over night.



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