What am I Going to Eat on AIP?????

The list of NO foods is so long…

What will I eat…

How can I afford to eat this way…

How can I find the time to feed myself…

How long is it going to take to feel better…

These are the questions I’m pondering.  I often skip meals because I’m dealing with the constant needs of 3- 2 year olds, 1- 1 year old, and an infant… so it’s feed them, clean up after them, change them, stop them from hitting/biting/pushing/pulling hair, REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT for 10 hours a day… and don’t forget that I’m also the taxi service.  Anyway- when (if) I finally get them all down for naps at the same time, and clean up the lunch mess… someone is waking back up! So I don’t eat… I’m working on how to fix that.

I made a big pot of bone broth soup… I sauteed the veggies (cabbage, carrots, and cauliflower) and added them to the stock in the crock pot. Then I ladle it over cold, shredded chicken that I try to keep in the fridge at all times.  This is a delicious meal but I find that I’m hungry pretty quickly afterward.  It also tastes best in the crock pot with freshly sauteed veggies… but it’s not realistic to make fresh veggies each time I eat… because… those kids. 🙂

Oh how I miss eggs for breakfast… I cook them every day for hubs and the kids… if only I could grab a scoop for myself, all would be well in the mornings.

I recently saw a recipe for a breakfast porridge made with cauliflower… I may try it. I love cauliflower in most everything but breakfast feels a little wrong.

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