Stress Management

We all know that stress is a big factor in our overall health. With all the garbage going on in my health recently, including major hormonal shifts (hello, premature menopause), weight gain, food intolerance, anxiety, and ELEVATED cholesterol (too many carbs!)… it became apparent to me that I really need to find ways to better  […]

Wow… Time Flies!

Our darling girl is 3 months old!!!! It appears that I never shared her birth here!  Sorry!  Life has been CRAZY.  Her birth story is over at Polka Dots, it’s quite the story.   On the  health front- I have books to recommend, thoughts to share, food to not eat. . . (I haven’t eaten […]

Breakfast Grok Style

It’s summer time.  This means I have a lot of children in the house all day every day.  Kids want to eat constantly.  This gets challenging.  If we ate garbage food, I’d buy a giant box of goldfish crackers for them to munch on throughout the day and at least I wouldn’t go broke. . […]

Changes. . .

This is how/why I can believe in evolution as a Catholic Christian. . . I’m constantly evolving and I’m convinced we aren’t the same humans as Adam & Eve.  Life happens.  Society happens.  Ideas arise and fall.  Life evolves. Right now, I’m going backward again.  For a while I was pretty strict purist Paleo- no […]

Summer Vacation. . . 2 Days In

Three hours into Summer vacation yesterday, I thought for sure I was going to lose my marbles.  Or ground my children to their rooms for the remainder of the Summer.  Today was a bit better. 🙂 One of my coping skills (with 10-16 kids here all day every day, I need coping skills) is to […]

School’s Out- What Do I Feed These Kids???

When the kids are home, they want to eat ALL THE TIME.  Seriously, you’d think they were starving.  In reality I think it’s more boredom than anything.  We are limited in the amount of out and about time we can have since I run a childcare from my home and taking 16 kids on outings […]