Day 7 and Primal Pregnancy

We’ve successfully completed week one.  Two to go! Today we had leftover steak chopped up and scrambled with eggs.  Mama went a little Grok and ate a banana followed by cold steak (instead of the eggs, they didn’t sound good). For lunch we had leftovers, we had an accumulation of choices in the fridge. Dinner- […]

Sugar Detox Day 5

Daddy Grok is down 9lbs.  Are you kidding me? That said, with our growing family. . . Mama Grok shouldn’t lose weight. Moving on.  Breakfast today was scrambled eggs.  The kids added fruit.  I had to run out the door for labwork, so I skipped my veggies but grabbed a banana for a blood sugar […]

Sugar Detox Day 3

Daddy Grok has spent all morning in bed. . . it’s 1:30 and I’ve barely seen him today.  I did force breakfast and lunch on him. . . otherwise, he’s sleeping.  Since his previous diet was S.A.D. (full of candy, chips, crackers, soda), he is having a hard time with this detox!  Hopefully, a few […]

Sugar Detox Day 2

We are hanging in there.  Daddy Grok is itching for a soda or candy bar something fierce, but he’s staying strong.  Mama is rolling with it. . . she received some exciting news today (not sharing yet, thank you), so that’s distracting me from the detox. Breakfast today- 2 eggs over medium (cooked whites, runny […]