Changes. . .

This is how/why I can believe in evolution as a Catholic Christian. . . I’m constantly evolving and I’m convinced we aren’t the same humans as Adam & Eve.  Life happens.  Society happens.  Ideas arise and fall.  Life evolves. Right now, I’m going backward again.  For a while I was pretty strict purist Paleo- no […]

100 Days of Real Food- Grocery Budget

Technically, I think our 100 days is over or probably close, but who knows since I’ve lost track.  The reality is, we always eat real food with minor deviations for special occasions, so this is more about budget than anything else in our world.  Tonight, I came up with a “plan”.  This keeps us at […]

Sugar Detox Day 9

The baby wants a bowl of Rice Chex.  No joke, people. (Insert flashback to Look Who’s Talking- baby pulling on the umbilical cord “Get some apple juice down here”.) Mama’s staying strong.  Daddy’s staying strong, except he’s drinking some calorie free vitamin water. . . he has a “problem” with plain water. I’m under Dr’s […]