Monthly Menu

Now. . . if I get really crazy, I will prep some meals for the freezer.  I’ll get back to y’all on that. 🙂 In our budget post, I indicated that meal plans were on the way. So- our meat for the month is 30lbs of beef (ground, steak, stew, roast, oxtail), 4 whole chickens, […]


This week’s co-op orders-  $170 (including donation) for ~30lbs of local, grassfed beef.  In the produce world, the above was procured for $50 (including a donation).  Even if I bought nothing else this week, my family could eat well on this haul. On the meat front, we got 6 NY strip steaks, ~2lbs of sirloin […]

100 Days of Real Food- Day 6

The belly and the family were all happy with these pancakes this morning.  Although, we did have leftovers, which doesn’t occur when I make Pamela’s GF pancakes. This could be because these have protein and are more filling? Anyway, they were delicious, especially slathered with Kerrygold butter, topped with organic frozen raspberries from Trader Joe’s, […]

100 Days- Day 1

Today was menu planning and grocery shopping day!  If you want to read our plan and parameters for the next 100 days, click here. Here’s the haul: First stop- Trader Joe’s $64.17 Organic: Broccoli florets- $2.49 Frozen raspberries x 2- $5.98 6lbs Gala apples- $7.47 Celery hearts- $2.29 Carrots 3lbs- $2.37 English cucumber- $2.29 Baby […]

Big Family Meal Plan Week 3

It’s Sunday. . . and I’m posting my weekly meal plan.  Something must be wrong with me!!!! 🙂 I’m struggling with the cost of our grocery budget ($1400+/monthly) which was similar to just being gluten free, so it’s not a new concern.  But, couple that with hubs and the kids being hungry all the time and […]

Big Family Meal Plan

I realize it’s Wednesday and I’m just getting this posted.  If you are relying on my to plan your menu, well, you better plan for next week! What we are eating this week: Sunday: Crockpot chicken & veggies Monday: beef chunks, veggies, & rice Tuesday: Taco salad Wednesday: bunless burgers, salad Thursday: grilled chicken tenders […]