Eat What?

Paleo diet principles are simple, really.

Eat plants and animals.

Our food “pyramid” based on amounts of foods-  veggies (lots, lots, lots), protein, fats, nuts/seeds/fruit, herbs & spices/dark chocolate/coffee/full fat dairy.

My kids love their carbs. . . and let’s face it, carbs are the cheapest way to feed a crowd.  I’ve started serving plated meals instead of family style/serve yourself.  This ensures that each child gets the veggies they should and if a carb option is served, they get the proper portion.  They are always welcome to more veggies (with butter!).  Enough fat in the meal is key to feeling satiated.  I drizzle olive oil over chicken once it’s cooked (high heat cooking is bad for olive oil), we butter the veggies, saute sweet potatoes in coconut oil, etc. .  .

If we serve a regular (less Paleo) carb, I properly soak the grain first.  The only grains are: brown rice (soaked at least 12 hours), wild rice (not actually a grain), Quinoa (also not a grain), soaked buckwheat.  Adding a 1/2 cup serving (cooked, per person) to dinner helps stretch our tight budget.  Since Mama Grok is on a weight loss journey, she forgoes the grain/carb option.

Around here, my children will consume 10lbs of fruit in one day.  No joke, people.  Not a bad problem to have, but it’s expensive.  I know they are eating out of habit or boredom for the most part so we are working on this.  I’ve tried trading afternoon fruit for a beautiful tray of colorful veggies. . . thinking it’ll last a couple afternoons.  Nope. They sit there and gobble the entire platter up!  Also, not a bad problem, but we can’t afford for them to eat $10-15 in veggies for one afternoon snack!

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