Here’s the skinny on fat.

Your brain needs it.  Your reproductive system needs it (even if you don’t plan on reproducing).  Your muscle needs it.  Your endocrine system needs it.  Your skin and hair need it.  Your mood needs it.  Get it?  YOU need fat.

All fat is not created equal.  Avoid like the plaque:  Vegetable oils (soy, canola), anything hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, anything found in processed foods.

Eat plenty of fat.  It really should be the largest percentage of your total daily calories.

Fat should be your number one budgeting item.  Buy quality.  No skimping!  Pesticides, antibiotics, and other toxins live in the fat of animals. . . therefore, if you buy fat from conventionally raised animals, you are consuming concentrated nastiness!

I buy-

Nutiva Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (Costco has had these at a super duper price). Every couple months I buy 2-3 jugs!

Kerrygold butter (Once again, Costco has been carrying this in 3 packs for $6.99, a savings of $3.00+ off grocers) Buy lots, store in the freezer.

Other organic, unsalted butter (we use a ton of butter, I reserve Kerrygold for eating and use less expensive organic butter for baking).

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (another Costco find.  Consumer Reports ranked Costco’s EVOO very high in quality and taste for price).  Keep closed and store in a dark, cool place.  Do not heat olive oil over 350F or it will become rancid and not healthy for you!  I use raw and in low heat cooking.

Occasionally I use Spectrum Palm Shortening (frosting, yum1!).  They have changed the package to say “Vegetable Shortening” but if you read the ingredients it simply states “palm oil”.  Be sure it’s Non-hydrogenated.

Bacon fat- reserve by baking your bacon (I place a metal cooling rack on a jelly roll pan).  Be sure you are using good quality, uncured bacon.

Lard/Suet- from pastured, healthy animals.  Best if you can find a local farm to get this from.

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