Paleo, Pregnancy, Gallbladder, & Kidney Stones?

Seriously people.  I’m 25.5 weeks pregnant and something is going on.   At first glance, we thought I had a bladder infection so I went in for a quick UA.  The initial report was lots of blood, not much bacteria.  Huh. . . well, let’s start an antibiotic over the weekend while it goes off for culture. Culture comes back with a similar result.  Dr thinks maybe stones especially with the pain I’ve been having.  When I saw him in office, the areas that is the most tender is over the liver, which says, “hello, gallbladder”.  Awesome.  Oh, and I was exposed potentially to Hepatitis A through my favorite berry blend at Costco.  Double Awesome.  So we drew a whole bunch of labs and ordered an ultrasound of my liver, gallbladder, and kidneys.   That’s the fun for tomorrow.  We shall see what it says.

In the meantime, I’m keeping a log of my food and symptoms… this is an attempt to find a pattern.

I’m not a modern medicine kind of gal when I can avoid it.  So, I’m researching the best way to deal with this.  Today I started adding raw ferments in the hope that it will help balance my stomach acid and thin the bile in the gallbladder (red cabbage and beets). I also have a call in to a local nutritional biochemist who can hopefully provide some insight on safe supplements to use (can I add HCL and bile salts while pregnant?).  I also have acupuncture scheduled to work on bile flow and liver function.

Even if we discover my gallbladder is on the rampage, that doesn’t explain the good ole’ blood in the urine. . . perhaps I’m unlucky enough to have both gallbladder and kidney stones going on.

My biggest concern is what to eat. .  .the recommendation is a high fiber, low fat diet.  I already eat gluten free due to Celiac, grain free/processed foods free/sugar free. . . what’s left?  I will be living on veggies w/ olive oil, chicken, & fish?  Ugh. . . so bland and boring! Not to mention, how on earth do I maintain weight while I’m pregnant (I don’t need to gain but loss isn’t recommended).

I’m wondering how my grassfed beef plays into the low fat scheme. . . word on the street is that it’s much leaner and can be okay. . . I’m loathe to give it up and I only eat one serving of meat a day, usually at dinner.  That said, if I have to stop eating eggs and nuts as well, what on earth do I eat for breakfast?  I can handle some soaked oats or rice but without a protein source I get shaky and feel sick. In all likelihood I need to cut out my cheese (favorite go to snack) and so that opens up yet another can of worms.   Olives and avocado instead?  Except that’s gonna get old. . .

On that note, here’s some lovely photos of my co-op order. . . beef, chicken, and lots of produce.  Yum-o.

Image 1 Image

Produce- $60, Beef $165, Chicken $44

Monthly Menu

Now. . . if I get really crazy, I will prep some meals for the freezer.  I’ll get back to y’all on that. 🙂 In our budget post, I indicated that meal plans were on the way.

So- our meat for the month is 30lbs of beef (ground, steak, stew, roast, oxtail), 4 whole chickens, 2 pkgs (2 lbs each) shrimp, & 2 pkgs Tilapia filets.  We have a variety of produce that can change weekly, but we tend to stick with the same type of veggies and fruits.  We have eggs, oats, rice, & beans and plenty of healthy fats.

Breakfasts will be simple- eggs,  oats, & fruit

Lunches- leftovers or packed “finger” lunches

Snacks- fruit or veggies & protein (cheese cubes, kefir smoothies, berries & cream, leftovers)

Dinners- this is where the fun begins!  Now that I’ve laid down our meal rotation plan, I can order my produce accordingly (for instance include potatoes if roast is on the weekly menu).

*Beef meals* My beef order this round includes 12 pkgs of ground, tri & bottom roast, 1 oxtail, 2 pkg stew, 8 filet & 2 rib eye steak

#1- hamburgers (rice, salad)  2x  (4 lbs ground)

#2- taco soup (includes beans, almond flour bread) 2x (2lbs ground)

#3- beef & broccoli (rice) 2x  (1lb stew meat or rib eye steak)

#4- stew (rice & salad) 1x (1lb stew)

#5- mini meat loaves (rice, cabbage/peppers/carrots inside) 2x (4lbs)

#6- roast (potatoes, carrots, mushrooms) 2x (tri and bottom)

#7- taco salad (refried beans made w/ lard) 2x (2lbs)

#8- steak (and loads of veggies!) 1x (filet)

#9- beef veggie soup 2x (oxtails/roast leftovers)

16 meals


#1- Shrimp Scampi, rice, veggies 1x

#2- grilled fish packets 2x

#3- Shrimp stir fry w/ rice  1x

4 meals


#1-  whole roasted chicken w/ potatoes, veggies x2

#2- chicken soup w/ almond flour dumplings (made with carcass for bone broth) x2

#3- chicken stir fry w/ rice  (prepare whole chicken & remove meat) x2

#4- chicken broccoli w/ rice x2 (prepare whole chicken and remove meat)

8 meals


#1- rice and beans 2-4x’s

Meal Count= 30-32

My trick for making ground beef stretch- I process up a mix of vegetables like cabbage, spinach, bell peppers, & carrots and then add it to the ground beef.  This works especially well in taco meat, meat loaves or balls, etc. . . for burgers and meat balls/loaves it’s essential to add egg to the mix for binder.

Soups are easy to make ahead and to make large batches to freeze for lunches, as are rice and beans.  I may take the approach over the summer I learned from another mom- pre-soak beans and have them on hand.  Allow the children to fry up their own bean and veggie/fat combination at lunch (this would work with rice as well).  We usually have extra eggs, so omelets or scrambles are another great option.  My kids are also always thrilled with oats and fruit, so if we end up with more than we need for breakfast, they will eat it up.

Now the challenge for me is going to be sticking to the plan.  The pregnant belly has a tendency to “crave” certain things. . . like hot dogs and mac n’ cheese (which I fed with grassfed beef hot dogs & cauli mac) but that’s not in the budget.  6 grassfed beef dogs cost $8 and my family needs 2 packs for a meal.  Ouch!

100 Days of Real Food- Grocery Budget

Technically, I think our 100 days is over or probably close, but who knows since I’ve lost track.  The reality is, we always eat real food with minor deviations for special occasions, so this is more about budget than anything else in our world.  Tonight, I came up with a “plan”.  This keeps us at the $1000/month for groceries. This doesn’t include extras I need for daycare or household supplies/toiletries/supplements.

Meat $318

30 lbs of grass fed, local beef (through the co-op) $170

8 chickens- whole, local, pastured (through co-op) $88

Shrimp- 2 pkgs at Costco (2 lbs each)$30

Tilapia- 2 pkgs (or other fish in price range) $30

Dairy/Grains $200

Milk- local, raw, 100% grassfed, 2 gallons/week  $80

Eggs- 5 dozen/week (based on bargain prices, we have our own free range chickens) $50 (this will buy chicken feed as needed)

Oats- 25lbs gluten free (bulk Bob’s Red Mill) $35

Rice- 25 lbs organic short grain brown (Costco) $25

Beans- 10lbs (variety)  $10

Fats/Oils $158

Butter- pastured $64 ($8/lb at Market of Choice)

Coconut Oil- Nutiva at Costco $23 (probably only every 2-3 months)

EVOO at Costco (2 pkg, purchase every 2-3 months) $15

Lard- pastured, made from fat that is included in co-op beef

Heavy cream (organic, pastured)- $20

5 lbs cheddar (Tillamook at Costco) $15

Nuts/Seeds/Dried Fruits $40 (mostly Trader Joe’s)

Produce $280

Weekly co-op order/ extras $70 each week

Condiments & misc $44

Grand Total- all real food, 90%+ organic, local grassfed meat, etc. . . $1,000 for a growing family of 7!!!!!

Items such as chocolate chips or 85% dark chocolate will come out of the misc budget.  We like to order almond and coconut flours every couple of months, those should balance with the budgeting for coconut and olive oils which won’t actually need purchased monthly.  We also may find that we don’t use this much meat or that our chickens use half as much food (especially in the Spring/Summer).  The budget will flex as needed.  For the next month, I intend to keep track of every expense in the various areas and any expenses that don’t fit into one of these areas so that we can budget more accurately in the future.  Now that our garden is planted, we may also find that our produce expense drops.

Stay tuned for the menu utilizing these foods!  I have a feeling the biggest challenge will be snacks and packed lunches for the kids (with summer on the horizon, this may be a tad easier!).

*Yes, I know that oats, rice, and beans are not TECHNICALLY Paleo/Primal (and cheese/raw dairy is on the fence).  Ask if I care?  Nope.  We soak them so that our bodies can use them and they help stretch the budget in our large family (not to mention that since I’ve been pregnant I’ve noticed an increase in the needs for healthier carbs).

Image 3

Here’s $60 worth of produce- – I was too tired to unpack the box!

What I’m Eating. . .

Real Food, Pregnancy Style. . .

There is some slight deviation from purest Paleo here. . . I’m okay with that.

This is yesterdays food log. . . I’m on a sugar detox again (oh joy!).  I’m determined to avoid the Glucose Tolerance Test that is standard at 28 weeks of pregnancy, so I will also be taking my blood sugars as soon as my supplies arrive.  This will allow me to be well armed when I visit the OB next time!  I’m not sure if this is a good ratio of calories/fat/carbs for pregnancy, but I will give it a few days of logging my diet and seeing how I feel and then I will decide if I need to increase or decrease anywhere.  My feelings are that I should be around 100 grams of carbohydrates each day and I wonder if at that amount I need to be decreasing my fat intake some?  This is my food log from day 2. . . today is day 4.  I’m irritable by late afternoon and just want to crawl into a hole.  . . I question if I’m getting enough to fuel my growing baby.  I definitely don’t want to gain a bunch of weight and I’d be happy to not gain another pound in the next 17 weeks. . . but, I want CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I welcome comments/suggestions from other paleo (ish) peeps who’ve gone through a pregnancy eating outside the S.A.D. box. . .  Keep in mind, I went into this pregnancy with an extra 25lbs (35 if you ask me, but my R.E. insisted 25 would have been the most I should have lost).  If I was a skinny girl, I’d definitely be eating more calories and aiming to gain 25lbs. . . but that’s not me.  In my past pregnancies, I’ve gained ZERO. . . however, that wasn’t due to my stellar eating habits (I was SAD back then), but because I was violently ill for the first 5 months which resulted in a loss of about 20 lbs which I then gained back at a steady 1lb/weekly average over the remainder of the pregnancy. Those babies all weighed between 7lbs8oz and 9lbs7oz.

Breakfast 7:30am– 2 egg scrambled (home grown) w/ 1 TBS Parmesan and 2 wedges of orange (half of a small orange) & water

Calories- 215  Fat- 13 grams  Carbs- 9 grams  THM would call this a S meal even with my small portion of orange, as the carbs stayed under 10 grams.

Morning snack 10am– 2 mozz cheese sticks, 1/2 cup carrots, and more water

Calories- 190  Fat- 12 g  Carbs 7 grams  THM- S

Lunch at 12:30pm– lean turkey burger, slice cheddar cheese, 1/2 cucumber, 1 TBS ranch, & water

Calories- 360  Fat- 19 grams  Carbs- 5 grams  THM- S

Snack 3:00pm– Banana Smoothie (banana, 2 Tbs heavy cream, cacao, vanilla, ice, water)

Calories- 205  Fat 12 grams  Carbs- 27 grams  THM- CROSSOVER

Dinner 6:30PM– Tri-tip steak, 1/2 c. black rice, pat of butter, green salad, 1 Tbs ranch, & more water

Calories – 544  Fat- 24 grams  Carbs- 42 grams  THM- CROSSOVER

Daily Counts- 1514 calories, 90 grams fat, 90 grams carbohydrate



The Plan & Day 48

Really. . . today is day 48.  I’m a slacker.  I also haven’t done great budget wise (as in I didn’t keep track).  A new month is around the bend and I vow to pull my grocery money out and NOT use my debit card.  That way I have more accountability.

I am getting better at soaking grains and prepping other nourishing foods.  Today, I made BUTTER from our raw, grassfed milk.  Talk about yummy, yellow, beautiful butter!

Image Image 1 Image 2

As you can see, we had nearly 3 cups of cream which we shaved off the top of 1 gallon of milk.  In the end, I got 1/4lb of cultured butter and a pint of buttermilk.  I cultured the cream overnight on the counter with a dollop of plain yogurt so that we would get lots of beneficial enzymes into our finished project.  Once the cream cultured overnight, I placed it in the fridge for about 5 hours to halt the culturing process. During that time, I also placed the bowl of my Kitchen Aid mixer into the freezer so it’d be nice and cool for the preparation.  Technically, you should warm the cream back up to room temp prior to pouring it into the cold mixing bowl, but I skipped that step.  I turned the mixer on as high as I could without splattering the precious cream everywhere.  Then I add some Himalayan pink salt.  I processed the cream until it was thick and chunky.  Then I poured it through a fine mesh strainer to separate the buttermilk.  I used a large spoon to help press the excess liquid from the butter.  Then I placed the butter ball into a couple of coffee filters (cheesecloth would have been best) and pressed some more until all the liquid was out.  I then placed it into the mesh strainer again and poured filtered water over the butter and repeating my pressing/squeezing until I had a beautiful, yellow, mound of pure cultured butter.  I wrapped my finished product in parchment and placed it in the fridge to be used at will (after taste testing, of course!).

In addition to the butter, I started a batch of buckwheat sourdough starter and a 1/2 gallon of Raw milk kefir (we had excess and today was fresh milk day!).  Go Mama Grok!

Image 3

This weeks produce haul. . . I was too tired to remove it from the box for a photo. . . let’s just say it’s gorgeous and included a watermelon, pineapple, mushrooms. . . and so much more.  I spent $50 ($5 of which was donation). . . once again, all organic.  Delish!

Image 2 Image 1 Image

We are starting on the Trim Healthy Mama plan (THM).  The book was written for women, but the principles work for both genders.  The plan does allow certain grains (soaked or properly prepared are preferred).  I will share more about this plan in the coming days. . . right now, I’m figuring out how it works best for us. Here’s some of the meals we’ve enjoyed:  Fried egg whites with soaked steel cut oats and frozen cherries (Mama), Fried egg whites with sprouted (flourless) toast and apple slices for Daddy, a lovely dinner for everyone of buttered shrimp, salad, and grain free cheese “balls”.

And with that, I bid you good-night!

Day 36

Today marks day 36 in our 100 Days of Real Food Challenge.  I missed my order for produce this week. . . UGH.  I forgot to get online until Sunday evening and the order had already closed.  Boo.

In other news- tonight we enjoyed two Draper Free Range (hormone and antibiotic free) rotisserie chickens.  After dinner, I started a big pot of chicken stock.  The chickens were $10.99 each.  I will get about a gallon of stock and we enjoyed a full dinner from the chickens (with salad as the only side).


We picked up our first 2 gallons of RAW, local, grassfed milk today.  Oh my.  Just look at that thick layer of yellow cream!

Image 3

Look at that shelf. . . eggs from our chickens and milk from our cow.  The way we are able to obtain raw milk legally is by buying a herd share from a local farm.  We own part of the cow and therefore get our share of the milk each week.  Our monthly fee covers maintaining, feeding, milking, etc. . .

Image 2

On that note. . . isn’t she precious?

Image 1

We are very excited as we prepare for Kelsey Anne’s First Holy Communion coming up in a couple weeks.  This is a snapshot from her photography session last week.


Image 3 Image 2

This week’s co-op orders-  $170 (including donation) for ~30lbs of local, grassfed beef.  In the produce world, the above was procured for $50 (including a donation).  Even if I bought nothing else this week, my family could eat well on this haul.

On the meat front, we got 6 NY strip steaks, ~2lbs of sirloin steak, 12 lbs of ground beef, 2 large roasts, 2 lbs of stew meat, leaf fat for lard, and bones for broth.   This is a minimum of nine dinners with leftovers for breakfast or lunch.  (Steak omelets, yum!)

With the addition of a couple cups of rice or beans, and maybe some oats this would round out nicely for our family of 7.  We are also now getting 2 gallons of local grassfed RAW milk each week ($20).  That brings us to $240 for the week, leaving $10 for rice, beans, & oats (if that’s your thing).  Our eggs are free so we will enjoy those liberally.

Granted, we aren’t really going to consume 30lbs of beef in one week. . . but the point is, we could eat ORGANIC, local, grassfed, RAW, etc. . . for $250 or less (for our family of 7!).

On the horizon, I have 8 local, pastured, broiler chickens on order for $11/each (approx).  The first batch of chickens isn’t set to arrive until May sometime.  Even if I roast two for dinner, we will then strip the leftover meat, make bone broth, and enjoy at least a soup dinner and a lunch or two off the chicken.

So, what exactly would you eat if this was your weeks shopping?

-Roast w/ carrots

-Roast w/ baby reds & carrots

-steak w/ avocado & chard

-steak w/ carrot fries (fried in lard!)

-stew w/ veggies & a cup of rice

– bone broth

– lard

-hamburgers w/ mushrooms and green beans tossed in lard

-hamburger soup (bone broth, ground beef, leftover veggies, garlic)

-meat balls & fresh fruit salad w/ sliced cucumbers

-ground beef fried with diced tomatoes, garlic, green onions served over sauteed green beans (or rice)

Breakfast? soaked oats, leftovers, bone broth. . .

Lunch? leftovers, bone broth soup (over rice if you need a carb). . .

And don’t forget that glorious RAW milk. . . cream (whip on top of fruit salad!), butter, KEFIR!, homemade mozzarella. . . make a breakfast smoothie with kefir and leftover fruit.  This is in no way a deprivation diet!

In reality, we are spreading the meat purchase out over the month and will add some chicken, fish, etc. . . BUT you could eat well on these foods only.



Day 27 and Where Has my Budget Gone?

I’ve been busy. . . sorry for the silence around here. 🙂

I ordered 30 lbs of local, grassfed beef to the tune of $170 and it will arrive this Tuesday with my produce co-op.  Last week, I only spent $30 on produce ($25 co-op box + $5.00 needy donation). Here’s the haul minus a few missing items:


It’s not as impressive as it should be. . . we were missing a chard bunch, a lb of grapes, a couple cara cara oranges, and something else (I should get credit for these items, so my price will drop).  Anyway, we did receive a big head of red lettuce, a leek, 2 cara cara oranges, 2 avocados, a bunch of rainbow carrots, a mango, 1 lb of crimini mushrooms, 3 lbs of red potatoes, 4 pink lady apples, 5 bananas, 2 tomatoes, and a bunch of basil.  All organic.

Image 4

Here’s the belly today. . . 17 weeks.  Wondering where this kid is going to grow for the next 22 weeks considering how HUGE I am already. . .

Image 2

Easter morning breakfast- I made these yummy in the tummy grain free cinnamon roll donuts.  They were a huge hit, however I didn’t even eat a whole one. . . my belly wasn’t liking the sweetness in the morning or something.  The kids and Daddy were happy to finish them off.  No modifications, except I dipped them in a glaze.

Image 3

For Easter, we also  made these sugar cookies from Against All Grain. I’ve decided that Wilton’s cookie pans are my go-to for grain free cookies.  No rolling and cutting and oh so carefully transferring. . . instead, I just pressed a ball of dough into the mold and baked. . . We couldn’t find cacao butter in town, and with no time left to order from Amazon, we ended up going with canned frosting (I know!!!!!).  The cookies were delicious. . . I will  make them again.

The frosting on the cookies was our only dietary deviation for Easter.  We enjoyed steaks on the grill, twice baked yukon golds (contained healthy full fat dairy), a delightful garden salad, and tasty fruit salad.  No grains in sight.

Image 5 Image 1

And my newest way to make veggies. . . I chopped everything and placed them on a jelly roll pan, topped with pastured butter, & Braggs seasoning.  I roasted them until nice and tender.  The platter was almost empty after dinner. . . the kids gobbled them up!  In the future, I will likely stick with EVOO and a lower roasting temp, but I was in a hurry and knew that butter was better at higher temps.

Back to the budget. . . with Easter, I lost track of our March expenditures.  Oops.  Back on it! For the first week of April, I’ve done almost no shopping while I’m waiting for our co-op orders this week.

In other news, we visited a milk farm where we are purchasing herdshares in order to obtain (100% grassfed) raw milk.  So excited.  The kids are beyond thrilled.  It was a fun (and very muddy) adventure.  We will start receiving our milk within a week or two (depending on the production as the cows are increasing supply this Spring).  I’m going to start with two gallons each week, this will work out to about $10/gallon.  I’m already spending $8-9 gallon for pastured organic (but otherwise industrial) milk so it’s not a huge increase.  If you don’t know the value of raw milk, read all about it at RealMilk.

I’m amazed how just in the last month, our quality of food has increased (more organic, more local, more grassfed) and yet, our budget has NOT increased.  The co-op is amazing.  However, I can’t wait to buy a chest freezer and purchase a 1/2 cow as that will be even lower cost for us!

Paleo Easter, Day 19

Image 3

This weeks organic produce from the co-op.  I spent $60, which included a donation toward a family box for a co-op member that couldn’t afford a box this week.  I spent another $5.00 at pick up adding on more oranges. Remember that carrot craving I was having. . . well, I bought six pounds. . . that should last us a while!

We received: tomatoes, crimini mushrooms, kale, asparagus, yams, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit, pears, apples, blueberries, carrots, & avocados. . . not pictured, I also got 3lbs of strawberries.

What I’m learning- we are buying too much produce in a week.  I need to stop getting the CSA style box and just do build your own so I can hand pick our produce.  The kids are kiwi’d out with my large purchase last week and then the extras this week. . . and we only go through maybe 2 avocados a week now that the babies have decided their avocado love is over (I think it’s a texture thing?).  I don’t ever use raw tomatoes, but hubs will when we do sandwiches or burgers (seldom). . . so these beauties need to either become salsa or pasta sauce. . . darn, should have caught that last week we had cilantro, romas, & onions in the box. . . it was just calling out for salsa and I missed out!

I’ve pre-ordered about $150 worth of grass fed beef from the co-op which should arrive a week from Tuesday.  It’s at least one month’s worth of beef.  The co-op is definitely enabling us to get more organic, grass-fed food than our dollars could afford otherwise!

Image 2

I wanted a treat the other day, so I made some brownies.  Only they were so not bad for you, that I let the kids eat them for breakfast! I used a recipe over at Paleolicious. . . since I have a scale, I didn’t bother to convert the recipe.  Sorry.  I didn’t top them as she did. . . but I’m sure that would have made them fab.  As they were, I found them quite tasty and not too sweet.  More bar like than brownie.  The kids gobbled up the pan, so the consensus says, “yes”.


And yet another goodie to break up the monotony of Mama proclaiming, “veggies or fruit and protein!”.  This tasty treat was actually a biscuit recipe that I pressed into an 8×8 baking dish instead of rolling and cutting.  It provided more of a coffee cake feel than a biscuit this way and anything called cake gets the kids attention. The recipe was from The Urban Poser.  The only thing I changed other than the shape was to use lemon extract instead of zest.  I just drizzled some in as it blended, so I can’t say how much but the end result was lightly lemon and not too almond-y.

Image 1

I’ve had a couple of these breakfasts this week.  My co-op order of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free oats arrived (5olbs!).  Personally, I don’t believe a few servings of properly soaked non-wheat grains each week is going to cause damage.  This bowl of delicious slow cooked oats is topped with fresh organic strawberries (from my co-op) and a drizzle of organic heavy cream.  I really wanted to add a few almonds but baby isn’t liking nuts still (not since our vomit in the mouth episode at the aquatic center after I had just consumed pistachios).

And that brings us to our topic: Easter Dinner.  I went to MoC tonight to round up the fixings for Sunday’s Easter Dinner.  Hubs decided on steak, fine by me!  I opted to add fruit salad, Nana is doing garden salad, and the kids voted for twice baked potatoes (fringe Paleo, I know!).  So. . . here’s the shopping list from tonight.

5# Yukon Potato  $2.99

Painted Hills (Natural, Grassfed) Eye of Round Steak (6 pieces) $12.59

Painted Hills Sirloin Tip Steaks (4 pieces) $13.88

Applegate Roast Beef $4.99*

Applegate Turkey Breast $5.99*

Applegate Ham $4.99*

Bananas $3.11

Frozen OG raspberries $3.99

Nancy’s Cultured OG Cream Cheese $2.69

Nancy’s Cultured OG Sour Cream $3.99

OG Valley Provolone Cheese $4.39*

OG Valley Heavy Cream $3.29

OG Valley Pasture Butter $3.50

Tillamook Butter $2.50

Sourdough bread $4.79*

Udi’s GF bread $4.99*

GF Matzo Crackers $6.99**


*Daddy Grok’s sister and her beau will be joining us for lunch on the run tomorrow.  Due to our hectic schedule, I don’t have time to prepare anything so cold cuts it is. . . hence the bread purchase and the not so budget friendly lunch meats.  Hey, it’s a holiday, right?

**When I found the GF Matzo I knew my troubles were over.  My youngest will be celebrating a passover dinner with her First Communion Class and she is GF.  I was trying to figure out how to come up with a Matzo. . . now I don’t have to.

Organic Valley and Nancy’s products are local to Oregon.  Yay.

Wondering if it was worth buying the cultured cream cheese and sour cream considering these will be used in our twice baked potatoes. . . I’m sure the heat delineates any health benefits. . . but, we will likely have leftovers which we will use unheated.

Obviously, this meal will include quite a bit of dairy.  I’m not sure how to avoid it and create the dishes the family desires.  That said, the cultured dairy is much more acceptable to the bodies of my dairy intolerant children. . . so maybe we won’t experience any issues following this indulgence.

Day 15, What’s up Doc?

I’m craving carrots.  Hence the title. 🙂  Too bad we finished off our TJ’s stash and the produce co-op doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. Darn this no extra shopping trips, thing!

This weeks produce haul (once again all organic) cost $60.  $7.00 of that was directly to help with needy boxes, so our food was $53. I will post pictures after pick up tomorrow. . . I’m anticipating it being tasty!  We are getting strawberries this time!

I just want to reiterate- carbs are not my friend! Today, I ate slow cooked oats for breakfast and then a stuffed potato for lunch. . . I feel CRUMMY.  The reasoning behind this was I didn’t go shopping yesterday and my normal ham or other desirable meats were not in the house.  The pregnant belly is still picky about what it will accept and salami wasn’t happening. . . ditto on eggs.  Anyway, all day I’ve felt just plain ick!  Even though the potato had chicken and cheese on it. . . it wasn’t enough in comparison to the carb load.  Thankfully I have a pork roast in the crock pot for dinner. . .  I plan to hit the grokery later for another Beeler’s ham and some organic ground beef and maybe a few bananas (none in the box this week).  I need to make my menu (I’m slacking) but I’m going to try to use up what’s in the freezer/fridge/pantry as it’s the last week of the month and that seems like a good plan!

In addition to my produce purchase I spent $14.99 on 5lbs of aged cheddar cheese at Costco.  So, this weeks total to date is $74.99 (including the donation funds).


Sunday was a rare sleep in day as Daddy Grok was out of town so we didn’t do morning church (we do his church in the am, and Catholic Mass in the pm).  It was lovely to lounge around in bed until 9am!  Around 11am, I decided food was called for and I wanted PANCAKES.  And remember, what baby wants- baby gets!  So, I made this recipe from Real Sustenance. . . Extra Fluffy Coconut Flour Blueberry Pancakes.  I omitted the sugar and used frozen berry blend instead of blueberries. The result was delicious!  They do contain 1/2 cup of starch. . . I decided the fluffy factor required its presence.  I will make them again.  However, since they contain starch I will add a protein side in the future.

Image 2

Here’s my 15 week belly pic from Saturday. . . baby is the size of a navel orange. The belly is much larger. 🙂

Image 1

And here’s the finished birthday cake. . . my original plan included a second tier but pregnancy exhaustion won out.  It’s still cute.