Day 36

Today marks day 36 in our 100 Days of Real Food Challenge.  I missed my order for produce this week. . . UGH.  I forgot to get online until Sunday evening and the order had already closed.  Boo. In other news- tonight we enjoyed two Draper Free Range (hormone and antibiotic free) rotisserie chickens.  After […]

100 Days- Day 2

My co-op produce order arrived today.  It’s truly amazing, a couple of mamas have tackled this huge undertaking of providing organic produce directly from the distributor at awesome prices.  This haul was $34. We received (All Organic) 2 bunches kale 1 bunch red lettuce 2 lbs roma toms 2- 6oz pkgs blueberries 4 fuji apples […]

Big Family Meal Plan Week 3

It’s Sunday. . . and I’m posting my weekly meal plan.  Something must be wrong with me!!!! 🙂 I’m struggling with the cost of our grocery budget ($1400+/monthly) which was similar to just being gluten free, so it’s not a new concern.  But, couple that with hubs and the kids being hungry all the time and […]

Sugar Detox Day 4 & Cheap Eats!

Today we’ve completed day 4 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  We both weighed in this morning. . . Daddy Grok has lost SEVEN pounds.  That’s ridiculous!  Mama Grok has lost one pound.  Huh. . . Daddy Grok is feeling good. . . no headaches, grogginess, or lethargy.  Mama has felt good from the get […]