Paleo Pregnancy

Well folks, Mama Grok is officially 15 weeks preggars.  Yeah! The great news is that the nausea is greatly reduced and I’m back on the no grain bandwagon. . . (except for my cheats today). I’m nearly finished reading Beautiful Babies by Kristen Michaelis.  I’m currently listening to The Paleo View episode 31- Paleo Pregnancy.  […]

100 Days of Real Food- Day 6

The belly and the family were all happy with these pancakes this morning.  Although, we did have leftovers, which doesn’t occur when I make Pamela’s GF pancakes. This could be because these have protein and are more filling? Anyway, they were delicious, especially slathered with Kerrygold butter, topped with organic frozen raspberries from Trader Joe’s, […]

Sugar Detox Day 6

Daddy Grok kindly refrained from stepping on the scale today. 🙂 He’s still fighting the urge to munch, but otherwise feeling pretty good.  Considering all the crap food he consumed before we started this, it’s shocking. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can share with you here- Mama Grok is expecting […]

Sugar Detox Day 4 & Cheap Eats!

Today we’ve completed day 4 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  We both weighed in this morning. . . Daddy Grok has lost SEVEN pounds.  That’s ridiculous!  Mama Grok has lost one pound.  Huh. . . Daddy Grok is feeling good. . . no headaches, grogginess, or lethargy.  Mama has felt good from the get […]

Sugar Detox Day 3

Daddy Grok has spent all morning in bed. . . it’s 1:30 and I’ve barely seen him today.  I did force breakfast and lunch on him. . . otherwise, he’s sleeping.  Since his previous diet was S.A.D. (full of candy, chips, crackers, soda), he is having a hard time with this detox!  Hopefully, a few […]

Sugar Detox Day 2

We are hanging in there.  Daddy Grok is itching for a soda or candy bar something fierce, but he’s staying strong.  Mama is rolling with it. . . she received some exciting news today (not sharing yet, thank you), so that’s distracting me from the detox. Breakfast today- 2 eggs over medium (cooked whites, runny […]

Chicken Dinner for 7

1 bag (2.5lbs) boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders  $5.99 1 bag (2lbs) organic, mixed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower)  $3.49 1 quart organic chicken stock (TJ’s, homemade is better) $1.99 Seasonings- salt, pepper, garlic Smattering of grated, aged cheddar if desired. Soaked brown rice, wild rice, or quinoa if desired (please those less than Paleo peeps) […]