Day 27 and Where Has my Budget Gone?

I’ve been busy. . . sorry for the silence around here. 🙂 I ordered 30 lbs of local, grassfed beef to the tune of $170 and it will arrive this Tuesday with my produce co-op.  Last week, I only spent $30 on produce ($25 co-op box + $5.00 needy donation). Here’s the haul minus a […]

Grok Approved Bacon Burgers!

I remember seeing 50/50 Bacon Burgers in my Eat Like a Dinosaur Cookbook. . . that memory sparked tonight’s dinner.  I didn’t look at the recipe in the book, but I can’t imagine mine is that different. I used 1/2 package (about 1 lb) Beelers uncured bacon ends & pieces ($6.99 for 2lbs) + 1 […]